AI Synthesis Module

Here we have the oldie but goodie Korg 05R/W, a half-rack digital synthesizer module based on Korg's 01W series AI synthesis.

The 05R/W contains 340 multi-sampled waveforms, providing all one basically needs for modern music production - especially pop/rock/dance.  It is 8-part multi-timbral (there is - as usual with Korg instruments - a COMBI section where you can store your combinations) and thus can be very effectively used in a MIDI setup.

There are also 164 drum sounds, and many of these are already superbly "produced" (compressed, equalized, enhanced) and ready to be the basis of your drum tracks "from the box".  The drum sounds are also fully editable.

GM (General MIDI) is also present, as a bank in the PROG section.  The sounds starting with the letter "G" follow the GM protocol and can be used with thousands of available MIDI files.

There is also a great sounding multi-effect processor on board, capable of providing up to four effects simultaneously.  There are the usual suspects (reverb, delay) but also more esoteric offerings such as equalizer, exciter, enhancer, and rotary speaker.

A fantastic supplement to this synthesizer is the inclusion of alternative tuning scales!  Several scale types are provided besides the standard equal-tempered, including Arabic, Werkmeister III, and Indonesian scales.  You can also create and store your own.

This synth also features a serial port in its rear, allowing the user to connect directly to a Mac or PC without the need of a separate interface.

Korg 05R/W factory demo song:

Korg 05R/W Factory Demo Song  a solid multi-genre demo.  Incredibly well programmed, typical '90s.


Korg 05R/W audio demos in mp3:

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Combination name with audio demo My comments
00 StarBurst An explosion of multi-timbrality, typically early '90s :-)
01 LayerPiano Classic "produced" crossbreed acoustic + digital piano
02 Synth Fat Nice solid polysynth
04 Mr. Tone Superb distortion effects for this guitar.
07 Layer Str Beautiful layered strings, very cinematic.
08 Sax Heaven Marvelous pad/saxophone combination, excellent for atmospheres.
09 Celebrate! Nice mandolin and happy percussion
10 FirstSnow Beautiful and typical early '90s Korg shimmering pad.
11 Bass&Piano Nice rendition of this classic keyboardist combo.
16 L'ilBit O' distorted Hammond - nice
18 Half Moons Another beautiful sparkly, moving pad
26 Full Pipe Powerful church organ.  Super hall effects.
28 Lead &Pad

Outstandingly beautiful string pad, and dramatic, soaring monosynth lead.

32 SmokyHorn Well-sampled jazz horns
35 Bass&Vibes Another very useful combination for the cocktail party keyboardist
39 HouseParty Classic '90s setup
42 Latin Band Happy tropics
45 Instanbul Fabulous setup - I switched the "Arabic" scale on to play the melody.
47 Orchestral Nice, full orchestra
49 Space Port Again, what Korg does best.  A deep, sci-fi, pulsating pad.
56 Blues Harp Typical blues harmonica
59 Masterfisa Big accordion :-)
67 Madrigal Middle Age fun.
68 ChiffSplit Breathtaking combi, perfect for film scoring.
72 GoToSweep Very cool and very useful sweeping brass
74 Nashville Nice southern combo, with a warm slide guitar
77 AnaStrings Beautiful, wide open analog string ensemble
79 Rave Hits Powerful!
80 SunOfTron Majestic
85 The Sphinx Another splendid middle-eastern setup - again I switched to the Arabic scale for the right hand.
89 DeathStars Ominous dark pad.
93 Safari Happy percussion
95 ChinaBell Nice
99 Slammin' Perfectly produced rhythm kit.

Stream all demos below


Program name with audio demo My comments
A00 Sunrise Gorgeous analog pad, with swirling special fx.
A01 Piano 16' Very '80s piano combination.
A04 Spruce Gtr Nice acoustic guitar
A06 XFade Bass Very realistic acoustic bass!
A07 TheStrings Thick, gluey string ensemble :-)
A09 Total Kit Korg's phenomenal drum assortment
A15 Tabla Talk Classic Indian percussion
A16 FingerBass Pure electric bass.
A17 LiteVoices Classic digital pad of the early '90s.
A21 Last Tango Very realistic Argentinean accordion.  The aftertouch controls superbly the volume.
A23 Operators Classic FM comp sound.
A26 Zap Bass Deep synth bass
A30 Space Wing Out worldly vox pad effect
A31 Gospel Org Very nice organ with Leslie effect
A32 Trumpets Nicely '60s "Tijuana Brass" style
A38 Wire Pad Famous Korg sound
A40 Neutron Reminds of the M1
A47 AnalogPad Thick, breathtaking beautiful...
A49 Orch Perc Superb!
A50 DreamWorld Another outstanding sci-fi pad
A52 FlugelHorn Very good.
A63 Whirly Excellent Wurlitzer piano sound, without tremolo.
A68 Soft Horns Nice and analog'uish.
A69 ProducrKit Another great drum kit.  These are still modern sounding drum sounds.
A70 InTheTrees Enchanted forest
A77 Ambi.Voice Korg digital choir
A78 MonoLead Purely digital lead synth
A89 50's SciFi Yep...
A90 SteamCloud Puffy pad
A93 DWGS EP Draws inspiration from Korg's own DW-8000
A99 HarpPluck Cute.
G01 Piano The General MIDI bank starts here - Decent piano.
G112 Shanai Full bodied
G129 GM Kit Solid.
G17 Full Organ Cheerful lounge organ
G39 SynthBass1 Cool syn bass
G53 Choir Good samples
G69 Sweet Oboe Nice.


Features at a glance
Year of release:  
Polyphony: 32-voice
Presets: 236 Programs, 100 Combinations
Rhythms: drum sets
Keyboard: n/a
Responds to velocity: yes
Responds to aftertouch: yes
Sound generation method: AI
MIDI: in, out, thru
Sound expansion capabilities: no
Effects: yes
Controls: buttons
Outputs: stereo pair
Display: yes, backlit green
Misc: serial computer connection

Reset the Korg 05R/W to factory (initialize):

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Korg 05R/W manual

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