DR-550 MkII Dr. Rhythm
Drum Machine


The DR-550 MkII is the upgraded version of the venerable, original DR-550.  A big difference from the original model is the fact that the base ROM has been almost doubled and now features 91 drum sounds.  The machine works at 16-bit and is fairly clean and punchy.  Many of its sounds remind of its bigger sister, the Roland R-8.

Useful features include "tone color", that allows you to modify the basic filter frequencies of each sample, and "decay", that obviously lengthens or shortens the sample.

There are 64 preset patterns on board, and 64 more slots for your own creations.  Also, as in other drum machines in the DR-series, you can chain patterns to forms songs - In the DR-550 MkII, up to 8 songs consisting of up to 160 measures each.

A big improvement from the previous 220-series is the inclusion of a basic MIDI IN port, which allows the unit to be synchronized to a sequencer, or another drum machine.  There's no MIDI OUT though, so in order to save your created patterns, you have to resort to the old-fashioned way of storing to cassette tape, using the tape interface.



Boss DR-550 MkII audio demos in mp3:

There are seven factory demo songs programmed in ROM, that show off the capabilities of this machine:

Song 1  -  Classic Rock rhythms, Latin beats, Rap patterns;

Song 2  -  8-beat patterns, Blues, Hard Rock, Disco, House, Latin, March

Song 3  -  16-beat patterns, Funk, Fusion, Samba

Song 4  -  Rock rhythms, Jazz patterns including brushes, Merengue

Song 5  -  Funk, R 'n' B, Oldies, more Latin

Song 6  -  Reggae, 5/4 jazz

Song 7  -  Bossanova, Latin.



Boss DR-550 MkII Drum Samples (44.1MHz, stereo, .wav files)


Bodd DR-550 Mk II pictures (click on thumbnails to enlarge)


Boss DR-550 Mk II manual

Available at www.roland.com

Reset the Boss DR-550 Mk II

Power on while keeping pressed the "-1/<" and ">/+1" buttons; then press "Start".

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