Sample CD-ROM library in Roland S-770 and compatible format

This is an excellent third-party library.  Gigapack comes in 2 CD-ROMs, and they complement each other very well.

The first CD-ROM consists entirely of drums and loops - there are literally hundreds to choose from!  Many samples of classic kits and drum machines are also provided, so it's possible to make your own patches.  Everything from funk, rock, ballad, 808/909, analog, Simmons and much more, is offered on this CD.

The second CD-ROM is - to put it mildly - INCREDIBLE, and contains a huge amount of sounds - including Peter Siedlaczek's "Classical Choirs", classic, dance, analog and digital synthesizers, vocoders, organs, guitars, pianos, brass, orchestral sounds... everything!

This is really a thorough collection and it's guaranteed to keep you busy for a while.  Really useful for many genres.


In order to use these CD-ROM you will need a SCSI CD-ROM drive connected to your S-series sampler or XV-5080.  Keep in mind that certain sound data will need 32MB of memory, supported only by the S-760.  The S-770 and 750 have less.


Best Service Gigapack audio demos

A Lexicon MPX-1 multi-effect processor was used to add reverb/ambience to the samples.


Sound name with audio demo My comments
Disc 1
050 TR-808 & 909 Classic Roland TR-808 and TR-909 sets
051 ANALOG Many classic drum machines from Roland, Boss, Korg, Linn, Akai etc.
052 DIGITAL 1 More classic drum machines
055 DIGITAL 4 Even more classic drum machines!
058 PERCUSSION Solid percussion sets
061 80 A-C LOOP Classic early '90s loops at 80BPM
074 100 A-D LOOP Classic early '90s loops at 100BPM
105 130 A-D LOOP Classic early '90s loops at 130BPM
112 KIT - DANCE 17-32 Individual samples laid out on the keyboard - from drum machines.
117 KIT - REAL m 13-16 Individual samples laid out on the keyboard - from real drums.


Sound name with audio demo My comments
Disc 2
006 CHO - Mixed 1 An outstanding man choir, and a fabulous women ensemble!
007 CHO - Mixed 2 Gentler versions of choirs
012 CHO - Vohmm-Houuu Hyper-realistic - and I love the "zoom" sound!!!
013 CHO - Ha-Hu-FaTons More choir fun
019 CHO - Falls+Whistl Behave now!
020 CHO - Vibr.+NoVoic Superb and reminds of 2001: A Space Odyssey!
022 BA1 - SYNTH-Basses Solid synth basses
030 SYNB - Microw. 32M Classic Waldorf Microwave sounds
031 SYN - K-2000 Beautiful Kurzweil K2000 sounds
032 SYN - JD 800-990 Super pads from the Roland JD-800/990
033 SYN - WAVESTATION The classic Korg Wavestation
037 SYN - TB303+MC202 Her majesty the Roland TB-303 and her cousin, the MC-202
040 SYN - ANALOG 32MB A lot of fantastic analog synth sounds in this CD!!
041 SYN - DANCE SYNTH1 All the classics are in this CD!!
048 PAD - SYN-PAD 32MB More analog beauty
051 VO1 - VOCODERS Classic vocoder sounds
053 ORG - B-3 ORGANS Respectable Hammond B-3 patches
055 PIA - GRAND 1 Sparkly grand piano
065 GUI - E-GUITARS Nice and smooth electric guitars
070 BRA - Trmpet&Shaku A slow trumpet and the classic Shakuhachi sample!!
072 STR - Orchestral Beautiful orchestral sounds


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Year of release: 199_
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