MG-1 Concertmate
Analog synthesizer built for Radio Shack by Moog




This little synth is relatively sought after - because no other than Moog Music produced this machine for Radio Shack/Realistic.  It is similar to the Moog Rogue, although it doesn't have some of the controls and features of its full-featured cousin.

Sonically, though, this is a real Moog, and certainly the most inexpensive way to get that monophonic, '70s analog sound.  On the other hand, the MG-1 has a basic but effective polyphonic section, on which you can shape up some cool, deliciously retro-vintage organ sounds.


Realistic MG-1 audio demos

Here are some sound examples of the patch charts from the original manual:

Preset name with audio demo My comments
Lead Synthesizer Nice percussive, and supremely analog slightly detuned sound
Alternate Lead Synthesizer Typical Moog solo sounds
Electric Organ The output in my unit wasn't the cleanest, but this is a nice retro organ sound.
Electric Guitar Pleasantly realistic (especially if you add a fuzz)
Electric Bass Guitar Nice analog bass
Violin Okay
Voice Cool Theremin-like patch


Additional Realistic MG-1 sound demos

The following are two improvisations I originally did for a thread at .  They are good examples of the power of this synthesizer:

MG-1 crazy sounds

MG-1 progressive lead


Realistic MG-1 pictures (click on thumbnails to enlarge)

Realistic MG-1 manuals

I scanned the original Realistic MG-1 User Manual:

Realistic MG-1 Concertmate manual.pdf

and scanned the Realistic MG-1 Service Manual:

Realistic MG-1 Service Manual.rar

Realistic MG-1 features
Features at a glance
Year of release: 1982
Polyphony: monophonic
Sound generation method: 2 VCOs
Preset memories n/a
MIDI: no
Sound expansion capabilities: no
Sequencer no
Arpeggiator no
Effects no
Velocity no
Aftertouch no
Sample Memory: n/a
Display: no




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