MidiVerb II
16Bit Digital Effects Processor

This was the first effect processor I ever bought.  I got it used in a musical instrument store in Rome (Cristina D'Amore, Roma - Via D. Manin, 27-37 Tel. 06/488.14.63 - 482.09.35 says a sticker on the bottom of my unit) in the late '80s or early '90s.

I have to say that I love this unit.  Yes, this is a preset-only machine, but there's something about those presets:  they are set up just right, and there are quite a few standouts.  I used this extensively with my Roland W-30 that didn't have any on-board effects, and to process samples, instruments and vocals.

Alesis MidiVerb II audio demos

I used a Roland D-50 with the internal effects turned off for the sounds fed into the MidiVerb II.  The dry sound is played first, followed by the processed version:


Stream all audio demos below

Effect with audio sample My comments
07 Large Dark 1.0 sec A nice basement room, great for intimate jazz.
16 Medium Bright 1.15 sec Beautiful bright ambient, perfect for pop music.
25 Large Warm 2.3 sec Very large room, good for orchestral music.
29 XLarge Warm 15.0 sec This is one of my favorite effects.. a "lost in space" sound!!!
37 Fast Gate 200 msec Classic '80s effect, now very out of fashion...
47 Reverse Regen 2 sec Very interesting effect, with a reverse reverb echoing all around.
52 Flange Pan 2 Subtle and nice, best for guitar sounds.
65 Deep Chorus 1 Deep chorus effect, good for guitar and pad sounds.
73 Delay 115 msec Awesome effect for '50s Elvis, early rock 'n' roll, and rockabilly music!
89 Delay 480 msec Clean delay effect, standard one repeat.
91 3 Tap Pan Interesting vintage-sounding effect, this would be good for reggae and dub..
93 Multitap Reverse Pan Cool effect, great for electronica.
99 Regenerated Delay 4 sec Very long delay effect, useful.


Alesis MidiVerb II pictures (click on thumbnails to enlarge)


Alesis MidiVerb II Features
Features at a glance
Year of release: 198_
Display: yes, LCD numeric only, red on black
Preset Effects: 100
Sound generation method: PCM
MIDI: in, thru
Sound expansion capabilities: n/a
Outputs: Two stereo ins, two stereo outs
Controls: knobs, buttons


Alesis MidiVerb II Manual

Available at www.alesis.com


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