MKS-80 Super Jupiter
Analog synthesizer module


  FAT!!!  The sounds of the MKS-80 most definitely are some of the most analog-sounding, fat, majestic and powerful ever heard on a synthesizer.

A classic analog rack-mounted synthesizer, the MKS-80 is highly revered in the world of music production.  It differs from later Roland modules, having real analog VCOs instead of DCOs.

Arguably the rack version of the Jupiter-6 (and Jupiter-8) .  Two versions existed, 4 and 5.  Mine is version 4, which is reportedly warmer-sounding than the five.

The optional MPG-80 programmer makes life easier when editing this synth.


Roland MKS-80 audio demos in .mp3

(I added a touch of reverb from a Roland SRV-330 dimensional space reverb rack unit for these demos)


Stream all audio demos below

Patch name with audio demo (patch names kindly provided by François Rossi) My comments (notice that I didn't know the names of the presets before writing my comments...)
I-11 Piano 1 An emulation of a piano.  OK, with the limitations of analog synthesis.
I-12 High Velocity Strings Beautiful analog strings!!!  Only analog can produce these tones.  These strings will make the perfect pad or polysynth for '80s styles.
I-13 Bowed Strings Variation on the above, just as great.
I-14 Stereo Brass Mega-fat synth brass!!!  These are the sounds you hear on the hit songs from the 1980s!!!
I-15 Glock Pax Magical resonant synth pad with gentle bells, useful for ambience.
I-16 Steel Drums 1 A cross between steel drums and a honky tonk piano :)
I-17 Marimbette Excellent wood block sound
I-18 Funky Pluck Powerful synth
I-21 Recorder Very nice recorder/ocarina sound!
I-22 Flute Beautiful flute sound, VERY expressive and realistic!
I-23 Synth Fifths Here's a more modern sound - an aggressive fifth synth stab
I-24 Synth Brass 1 Totally '80s syn brass!
I-25 Brassoon I'm not sure if this was meant by the programmer to be a saxophone.. still an interesting sound.
I-26 Chiff Organ Perfectly programmed chapel organ
I-27 B-3 Reso organ/synth solo
I-28 Perc. Organ Awesome '60s jazz organ!!!
I-31 Stereo E. Piano A modern piano, very useful for ballads.
I-32 Resonant Bend Trademark Roland sound - the hollow reso voices
I-33 Beat It Cool and different pitch-up synth
I-34 FM MEGA solo synth!
I-35 Bell 1 Charming glockenspiel
I-36 Stereo Bell 1 More vibraphone-style elements
I-37 Clangorous Great bell ensemble!
I-38 Poly Synth. 1 FAT!  synth bass/solo/comp
I-41 Poly Synth. 2 Classic '80s chord synth
I-42 Bell 2 More bells
I-43 Strings BEAUTY.  These are the famous JP strings.
I-44 Steel Drums 2 Nice percussive detuned synth
I-45 Trombone Super-analog trumpet
I-46 Marimba Bell More percussive adventures
I-47 Synth. Drums 1 Analog drumming at its best..
I-48 Stereo Bell 2 Fabulous vibraphone sound
I-51 Synth Clavinet Fretless bass?
I-52 Sync. Mega synth bass
I-53 Brass Typical Roland chorused synth brass
I-54 Blap Trumpet Realistic horns!!!
I-55 Elec. Grand 1 Intimate upright piano
I-56 Strings/Brass More JP strings beauty
I-57 Log Drums '80s!!!!!!!  Reminds of Thompson Twins or Pet Shop Boys
I-58 Gong Intriguing special FX / gongs
I-61 Jazz Organ Synthorgan style
I-62 Synth. Harpsichord Nice harpsichord
I-63 Synth. Drums 2 More analog drums
I-64 Piano Harp Nice jazz guitars
I-65 Choppers Fabulous synthesized helicopter
I-66 Synth. Lead More '80s synths
I-67 Puffy Brass More Roland brass
I-68 Harp Arpeggio synth
I-71 Pluck Clav. Powerful metallic synth = FMish bass = '80s
I-72 Digital Bass Typical huge synth bass
I-73 Bass Guitar More Moog-style  synth basses
I-74 Elec. Grand 2 Delightful electric piano
I-75 Fretless Highly expressive fretless bass
I-76 Unison Bass '80s again
I-77 Synth Bass 1 HUGE!  More fast attack synth bass
I-78 Synth Bass 2 Classic resonant filter in action
I-81 Synth Brass 2 Awesome '80s phased comp synth
I-82 Steel String Guitar Percussive sound
I-83 Elec. Guitar Beauty and the Beast!
I-84 Jazz Guitar More jazz guitars in action
I-85 Chime Bell Nice flutelike synth
I-86 Auto-Rattler Forest / sci fi sound FX
I-87 Blade Runner Explosions
I-88 Squash Ping-Pong game


Roland MKS-80 pictures (click on thumbnails to enlarge them)



Roland MKS-80 manual

PDF Manual freely available at the Roland site :

Roland MKS-80 Features
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MIDI: in, out, thru
Sound expansion capabilities: cartridges
Sequencer no
Arpeggiator no
Effects no
Velocity yes




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