MSC-1S Variety
Sound Card Set for the Korg M1 series

The MSC-1S "Variety" sound card set consists of the MPC-01 Program card, and the MSC-01 PCM card.  These two cards install in the slots of the Korg M1 series, adding several new waveforms and programs to the machine.

The MSC-!S Variety card was the first sound expansion set available for the M1 (and compatible) and introduced several useful sounds.  Here's what appears on the actual PCM card:

  • Strings Type

  • Saxophone Type

  • Marimba Type

  • Spring Type

  • Low Violin Type

  • Piano Type

  • Harp Type

  • Chorus Type

These sound are all very well-programmed, and I find the strings and brass to be particularly impressive.  Some of the string pads are programmed with slight vibrato on the aftertouch and plenty of reverb, giving them a wonderful sheen of analog flavor.  You'll also find plenty of wood instruments like marimbas, beautiful orchestral sounds, and even a few special FX.

Click on the audio examples below to hear all 200 sounds contained in this Korg M1 classic expansion set.

Korg MSC-1S Variety factory demo song:

n/a  - this card foregoes the demo(s) in favor of having 100 Prog and 100 Combi instead of 50 + 50 typical of other cards in the MSC-series.

Korg MSC-1S Variety audio demos in mp3:

Stream all demos below


Program name
with audio demo
My comments

00 Stringsaw

Gorgeous classical-style symphonic strings

01 Chin-Brass

Pop brass with a very strong attack

02 SimplPiano

Classic M1 piano.... still short samples but due to the technology of the era (1988/89)

03 VoiStrings

Beautiful strings mixed with voices

04 MalletBell

Classic mallet sound, very late 1980s/early 1990s

05 E.Organ

Cool, groovy variant of the classic "Rock organ"

06 Flute

Beautiful and realistic

07 Syn ZIMBA

Typical Korg synthesis sound

08 CelloStr.

Deep and realistic cello with expressive aftertouch vibrato

09 Syn Bass 1

Massive synth bass

10 BrightStr.

Nice Baroque-style ensemble

11 Brasstring


12 E.Piano

Standard Yamaha DX7 FM style electric piano

13 VoiceWind

Cool vox patch, a bit Fairlight-like.

14 MelodyBell

Cinematically good.

15 ChurchOrgn

Realistic pipe organ

16 DoubleReed

Nice reed-based instrument

17 PizzString

Classic strings played in pizzicato style

18 Soft Harp

"Oh... it was a dream..."

19 SlapS,Bass


20 SawStrings

Ravishing analog strings - perfect.  Aftertouch adds awesomeness.

21 AnaSoftBrs

The analog'ish power of the M1.

22 E.PianoSaw

The '80s

23 MalletFsx

Percussion with lots of fx

24 Brass Down

That's it

25 Mute&Wood

Nice contrabass on the left, and smoky, jazzy muted trumpet on the right

26 Fagotto

Italian for bassoon

27 BoxClavi

F on ky

28 LovelyDuet

Reminds me of the attack portions on the D-50 waveforms

29 Steel Harp


30 Symphonic+

Large ensemble

31 PhoneEns.

Jazzy brass section

32 PianoWith

Very bright piano

33 Go Away

Exotic M1 pitch effect

34 Elec.Koto


35 Wind Pad 1

Gorgeous pad

36 SawTrumpet

Analog horn

37 EffectPad


38 GrowlBrezz

Broken sax

39 LowStrings



Killer drum set

41 BrassEns.

Nice brass ensemble

42 Vibes

Realistic vibraphone

43 Symphonic4

Wavy synth-orchestra

44 12String G

A 12-string guitar

45 LeadGuitr1

Beatlesque guitar

46 Marimba


47 BoxSitar

Very nice Indian setup

48 SaxWave

1950s rock 'n' roll with lots of reverb

49 Art Of H

A hint to one of the 1980s most characteristic bands... the "Art Of Noise"

50 ChamberStr

Perfect for waltzes

51 SpritBrass

Very nice trumpets

52 GlockBell

Nice bell sound

53 SweetFiddl

American-style violin

54 GlassPad

Typical "cold", digital, glassy pad of the late 1980s

55 Velo.Swich

A nice string ensemble that switches from pizzicato to staccato via velocity.

56 VoiceSing1

Gorgeous vox choir

57 BlockOrgan

Fantastic organ, perfect for many genres, House/Dance being one good candidate.

58 Talking M1

Killer patch with inventive patch design.

59 VoicesBell


60 VoiceOrgn


61 FilterOpen


62 SoftBrasPd

Classic synth brass of the '80s

63 Overtone


64 LeadGuitr2


65 SpicatStr.


66 Swell-Pad

Fat analog pad

67 Glocken

Beautiful, moody glockenspiel

68 DigiSquare


69 Single-Saw


70 Saw&Pulstr


71 SpltWhistl

Synth lead becomes whistle!

72 Wind Pad 2


73 ToyPiano


74 MalletGong


75 SquarePipe


76 Sax-Pet

Sax becomes trumpet!

77 DigiPF-Mix


78 Velo.SWsax

Raspy sax

79 M1 Racer


80 HighString


81 Saw-Brass


82 VeloSweep


83 Blockarim.


84 WireString


85 PanBelPad


86 Cristal


87 Dark Bass



Nice, solid, punch drums - still very '80s.

89 Oriental




91 Up Part


92 P S G 1


93 Effect Per

Effect percussion

94 Super Gate


95 TaikoSweep


96 Art Of N


97 VideoWorks


98 Pulstrings


99 Free Space


Stream all demos below


Combination name with audio demo My comments

00 Stero Str1

Wide orchestral strings

01 Stero Str2

Ravishing analog string orchestra - perfect for many genres.

02 Stero Bras

The town marching band is playing

03 Stero Bra2

Far away

04 E.Organ

Excellent electric organ of the 1950s

05 P.Organ

Very nice and realistic pipe organ

06 Stero Pf


07 Stero EP


08 Stero Harp


09 Stero Vibe


10 Stero Voic


11 Cello-Harp

Very nice split - Cello on the left, and harp on the right

12 Harp-Flute

Fantastic medieval-style split: the beautiful harp and the mesmerizing flute

13 Fago-Oboe

Less-glamorous, but very important members of the orchestra - Fagotto (bassoon) and oboe.

14 Bass-Brass

Very cool, classic M1 slap bass, and pop brass.

15 Bass-Guit


16 Bras-Drum


17 Bras-Pizz


18 Stero Marm


19 Brass Down


20 Bass-ST.Dr


21 Bass-MTgrw


22 Wind Ens.


23 Wood Wind


24 Toys Music


25 Vive-Mute

Gorgeous jazz setup - dusty vibraphone and moody trumpet

26 Ethnic


27 Stero Away


28 Brass-Sax


29 Video Game


30 Tutti


31 Velo Piano


32 VeloSwitch


33 String Piz


34 Velo Open


35 Cello-Flut


36 Wood-Vibe

Classic jazz

37 Japanese 1


38 Marimpone

Nice variant of the marimba sound

39 Mari-Glock


40 Ethnic Per


41 Japanese 2


42 Synth Pad

Beautiful synth pad

43 Blocken


44 Gen-Fue


45 Digi Gen


46 Velo Pizz


47 Video Gm 2


48 Str-12Guit


49 Guit-Flute


50 Stero Brst


51 Japanese 3


52 Brass Sec.


53 Honky

The typical out-of-tune saloon piano

54 Bass-Pet


55 Bass-Drum


56 Low-Spicat


57 M1 Racer


58 Solid Wood


59 WoodrumPet


60 Super Bass


61 Stero Voi2


62 Stero Voi3


63 Str-GrlBrs


64 Str-PFBell


65 Str-Reed


66 Str-Pizz


67 Symph-Pizz


68 Bass-SynPD


69 Bass-Crist


70 OrchestraU


71 MidiStack1



Nice sound fx

73 MidiStack2


74 OrchHit FX


75 Gate Music


76 Cord 7+


77 Cord 6


78 TremoloStr


79 Fifth-G


80 Lead Synth


81 PulsLead


82 Uni-Bell


83 DUB


84 E.P Voi V


85 Orchestra


86 ChurchOrgn

Beautiful, realistic church organ in full flight.

87 Wood-Sax


88 Voice Bell


89 Gate-E.Pf


90 Solo Synth


91 Solo Syn 2


92 Magic Man


93 StreetBand


94 MidiStack3

Very nice "Hollywood" piano.

95 Stranger


96 Wrapguitar


97 Harfvoices


98 Divertimen


99 Dimly


Features at a glance
Year of release: 1989
Polyphony: n/a
Presets: 100 Programs & 100 Combi
Rhythms: no
Keyboard: n/a
Responds to velocity: n/a
Responds to aftertouch: n/a
Sound generation method: PCM
MIDI: n/a
Sound expansion capabilities: n/a
Effects: n/a
Controls: n/a
Outputs: n/a
Display: n/a
Misc: n/a


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