PK-6 Proteus Keys
64-voice expandable synthesizer

A good all-purpose synthesizer, most suitable for pop-rock genres with the stock factory sounds, but expandable via 16 or 32 MB SIMMS, available for many genres like techno, vintage, world, classical etc.  "PK" stands for "Proteus Keyboard".

E-mu PK-6 audio demos in .mp3

Factory Demo Sequences:


(1) Tahoe Run

(2) Brave New World

(3) The Sky Club

(4) Caught Up


Stream all audio examples below:

User Bank 0, PK-6 Bank 4
0. jam:Grand Piano A nice grand piano, full-bodied and jazzy.  The mod wheel brightens up the sound.
1. jam:EP Ultra-cool, '60s-style Fender Rhodes electric piano.  Mellow character, Mk1-style.
2. jam:ClavFunk Vintage-sounding Clavinet
3. jam:B There This one is a screamer:  overdriven Hammond B-3 with fast Leslie engaged.
4. jam:Reel Wurly Very cool and vibey Wurlitzer EP-200 sound.  The mod wheel adds a great-sounding chorused tremolo effect.
5. jam:Gtr & Choir Dreamy and hypnotic guitar and choir combo.  Perfect for smooth jazz.
6. jam:Brass Standard brass ensemble
10. jam:Orchestral Epic and majestic orchestral setup.
14. jam:Solo & Sctn Classy chamber orchestra
15. jam:FM JazzSplit Nice!  Two of the most typical FM sounds, e.bass and e.piano.  These are the '80s!!
19. key:Synthetic Typical '80s synth
28. key:Easy Tine Excellent, dreamy tine electric piano - L.A. style circa 1984.
30. key:Wash Out Very cool pad sound - the modulation wheel opens up the filter and introduces the "whoosh" sound.
37. mix:Bass&Piano Standard bass/piano sound.
46. mix:Nock Back Intriguing, different synth setup - with a cool echoed synth.
47. bas:Fatty Mega-fat electronic bass
50. bas:Sluggo Heavily detuned synth bass. Works as a solo synth too.
51. bas:Perc DX Classic FM DX100 "Solid Bass" sound.
52. led:MellowPercLd Very mellow and nostalgic '70s Minimoog solo sound.
57. led:R&B Lead Another Minimoog solo type sound.
59. orc:Str+Winds Classic orchestral combo.
68. syn:Deluxxe Full-synth setup.
69. syn:Exlastic Nice resonant sweeps
72. syn:The Praise Very nice chapel organ.
73. syn:IndianGarden Outstanding sitar emulation.  Velocity triggers pitch envelope.
78. pad:Simplex Beautiful preset!!!  A gorgeous, mysterious string pad- but the aftertouch engages the filter and takes it to the next level - sci-fi.
82. brs:SoloTrumpet1 Standard trumpet
85. vox:Vapor Vox Dazzling synth pad - the mod wheel acts on the filter.  Oddly, this can resemble a train horn!
90. sfx:Bellagio Charming Italian town/Las Vegas hotel/casino gives us a Lovely shimmering pad - with bells in the background.
91. arp:New Aging The arpeggiator in action - and beautifully so.
103. arp:ElectroGroov Very, very cool electronic groove
110. kit:Wide Dance Note how clean, punchy and powerful the drum samples are on this machine.
115. bts:Perc Jam Funky percussion jam.  This is the Beats mode.
116. bts:Bass Patrol Modern techno-house beat.
118. bts:FaithHealer Great drum 'n' bass pattern.
127. bts:Statik One Another excellent d 'n' b pattern.


User Bank 1, PK-6 Bank 0
2. str:Golden Sweet and graceful violins.
3. bas:Sustainer Hip fingered bass.
4. gtr:Clean String Clean Stratocaster sound.
14. bpm:Trekia Beautiful sound!!!  A bubbling bass on the left, and a silky string ensemble on the right, while the velocity-switched filter adds character.
57. key:B-3 Lo/Hi The mod wheel switches from slow to fast Leslie.
60. key:B-3 Leakage Uncanny emulation
72. bas:ATC 3* Wonderful deep synth bass - presumably sampled from a Studio Electronics ATC-series synth
93. bas:Slap 1 Solid and realistic slap bass.
105. bas:Upright 2 Pleasing jazz contrabass.
122. led:OneBigMoFo! Fat Minimoog lead.


User Bank 2, PK-6 Bank 1
0. kit:Acoustic 1&2 Excellent studio drums.
1. kit:Acoustic 3&4 Very '80s-sounding kit.
7. kit:Kit 05 Contemporary hip-hop kit.
11. kit:Kit 09 Hypnotic trip-hop kit.
37. bts:WhatNow!#$%? Hip early 2000's beat.
49. bts:Electro Very cool synth+drum pattern.
63. kit:KastOff Vinyl-flavored loops
107. prc:Kalimba Splendid kalimba samples.


User Bank 3, PK-6 Bank 2
19. led:HippoSauce Love the name :-)  Groovy Minimoog solo synth.
21. vox:Aah 1 Realistic choir samples.
23. vox:Ooh 1 Great for pads.
25. vox:Filter 1 E-mu filters are great.
35. vox:Luna'sWood Magnificent synth pad!!!
43. str:Tron Strings Realistic Mellotron strings
72. orc:S.Sax&Winds Breathy sax
88. brs:Matrix Horn Exquisite analog brass - presumably sampled from an Oberheim Matrix-series synth (Matrix-12 maybe?).
91. wnd:Oboe Nice oboe.
92. wnd:Clarinet Nice clarinet.
105. gtr:Nylon Fine acoustic guitar.
106. gtr:Electric Pwr Reminds me of the Eagles.
109. gtr:Thrash Lead Marvelously programmed distorted guitar!
111. gtr:Surf 2 w Delightful '60s sound
121. gtr:Seduced Ravishing guitar-synth sound!


PK-6 Bank 3
0. pad:Richness Alluring synth/string pad.
3. pad:OutofTime Fascinating and hypnotic nature pad.
5. pad:OldSaws Decent rendition of the ARP/Eminent Solina String Ensemble.
7. pad:EvenMoEPIC! Stunning soundtrack pad
17. pad:Star Seeker Pleasing vector-type synth pad
18. pad:Trilogy Exquisite pad
20. pad:Paddy Cake Very Jarre.
48. syn:JP Six Presumably sampled from a Roland Jupiter-6.
54. syn:Ubu II Intriguing throaty synth fx.
56. syn:Matrix Pad Gorgeous.  These are the '80s.
57. syn:CZone Nicely sampled from the CZ-bass on the Casio CZ-line of synths.
59. syn:Asian Dreams Delightful Asian pad.
75. sfx:Goblins Out of this world synth fx.
77. sfx:8BitGameOver Nintendo time.
80. arp:Synth Bass Powerful!!!
84. arp:Plucked 5ths Hypnotic
124. syn:Pliedes Cool arpeggio.  Maybe the programmer meant Pleiades??


E-mu PK-6 pictures (click on thumbnails to enlarge them)

E-mu PK-6 manuals

PDF Manual found on line:  PK-6RevE.pdf

Proteus Family Sysex 2.2.pdf

E-mu PK-6 factory patches in sysex data


Year of release:  
Polyphony: 64-voice
Sound generation method:  
Preset memories  
MIDI: in, out, thru
Sound expansion capabilities: yes, from 32 to 128 MB using SIMMS
Sequencer no
Arpeggiator yes, 16 simultaneously
Effects yes
Touch sensitivity yes
Aftertouch yes

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