Professional auto-accompaniment keyboard


The Yamaha PSR-3000 is a fantastic instrument, at the same level, sonically, of its bigger brother Tyros.

You can do so much with it:  as an accompaniment keyboard, is an excellent entertainer tool; as a synthesizer, thanks to the sound engine borrowed from the Motif line, is perfect for studio work; as a quick way to record ideas, is an excellent quality sketch pad; even as an effect processor it's a top notch quality device..

The superb color display is extremely easy to navigate:  all the functions are readily available and all menus are easy to understand.  There are several help functions too.

There's a huge database of preset rhythms and patterns, and room for a lot more.


The Karaoke function is just incredible, you can connect any USB thumb drive to the PSR-3000, it will recognize the drive, and you can load all kinds of files, MIDI, XG, and most importantly, .KAR  - the lyrics will show on the screen, or you can connect to any TV set with video ins.

The sounds, especially the new Mega Voices, allow unprecedented expressivity.  All samples are beautifully recorded and stored in ROM.  Many expertly-crafted presets will get you started, and it's easy to tweak sounds to your liking, using the huge on-board screen.

There are so many more features that I really recommend reading the manual on-line to have an idea of the power of this machine.  Basically the best features from the Tyros and Motif line were brought in this device.

Big thumbs up for the 3000!



Yamaha PSR-3000 audio demos

Yamaha PSR-3000 Main Demo  a very catchy tune, representative of the incredible versatility and superb sound quality of this keyboard


1. YAMAHA Piano History  nice jazzy number

2. Stereo Sampling Demo  the difference between mono and on-board stereo grand piano sampling

MEGA VOICE Technology

1. Clean Guitar Demo  the striking difference between earlier generation Yamaha guitar programming, and the current Mega Voice programming nuances, that add quite a lot to the realism of the sounds and accompaniments of the PSR-3000

2. Steel Guitar Demo  stunning difference between ordinary guitar programming and realistic Mega Voice strumming

3. Finger Bass Demo  all the subtle nuances, slides, slaps of a real electric bass performance

4. Ensemble Demo  very realistic!

STYLE Technology

1. French Waltz  an enchanting retro arrangement that showcases one of the excellent accordion patches

2. Worship Med  nice, clean performance - notable the vocal "huh's" and crispy guitar

3. Ober Polka  beer festival

4. Orch Big Band 1  classic Sinatra sounds

5. 70's TV Theme  one of the best demos ever appeared on a keyboard!!!

6. Slow Bossa  classic and elegant style

VOICE Technology

1. Orchestral  superb strings, violin, percussion... and incredible dynamics

2. Pop & Rock  that electric guitar sounds real

3. Synth  classic synth leads and pads, plus powerful analog drums

4. Ballad  superb electric piano, harmonica, soprano sax and organ

5. Country  very cool lap steel and acoustic guitars

6. Big Band incredible jazz guitar, flugelhorn, and brass

7. Latin  very nice flute, flamenco guitar, and trumpet

8. World  the super-expressive pan flute, accordion and violins


A few demos I prepared using some of the excellent factory styles:

Style name with audio demo My comments
8BeatAdria Very nice and relaxed Italian style straight pop (Adriatic sea, perhaps?)
Chillout Beautiful arrangement, perfect for ambient/chillout a la Moby, and even Smooth Jazz
EPBallad Very enjoyable amalgam of instruments in this Ballad style.
OrganSamba The classic and always fun "Tico Tico" '60s style
Quickstep Very cool :-)
Bluegrass Typical American rhythms
NewCountry Very pop'pish sounding country.
ClassicHipHop Very good pattern - check out how perfectly equalized all the instruments are.
Ibiza2004 Classic Euro Trance pattern
NewR&B Obviously inspired by Madonna's track "Don't Tell Me", from her album "Music".  Mirwais collaborated for the quirky, heavily edited acoustic guitar snippets.
USPop Classic Britney Spears ;-)
SchlagerAlp Snow capped mountains
SchlagerPolka Fun
Calypso Beautiful Harry Belafonte style - great steel drums
RockChaCha The newer Santana style
SlowBossa Grand Hotel lobby
Movie & Show
70'sTVTheme My favorite rhythm on this machine :-)
SecretService James Bond 007, Goldfinger & co.
Pop & Rock
60's8Beat Nice "vintage" beat...
60'sGuitarPop Deliciously retro - check out the cool vibrato on the guitar (courtesy of the pitch wheel)
70s8Beat Nice 1970s pop
8Beat Useful rhythm found on every accompaniment keyboard
8BeatModern Superb modern percussion, and very expressive harmonica
BritPopSwing Classic Beatles style beat
BubblegumPop Always pleasant '60s teenager pop
Cool8Beat Nice and relaxed pop, plus an incredible sax
FusionShuffle Groovy and perfectly '70s - excellent solo monosynth ;-)
GuitarPop Beautiful and airy, perfect pop pattern...
HeartBeat Nice guitar pop
Rock Perfect MOR (or AOR...) rock
RockBallad Nice and classy
RockShuffle Very realistic guitars
SoftRock Nice.
SouthernRock Typical Doobie Brothers, southern styles.
Unplugged Showcases the excellent acoustic guitar simulations.
R & B
60'sRock&Roll Typical saxophone-based rock 'n' roll
KoolFunk Very nice Kool & The Gang style setup
R&BBallad Fantastic Smooth Jazz style
Rock&Roll1 The rock 'n' roll song.
SlowBlues Beautiful slow electric blues.
WorshipSlow Calm and intimate
Swing & Jazz
Dixieland Fantastic!!!
EasyListening The 1950s bachelor pad soundtrack
Five-Four Nice brush kit, and sax.
ModernJazzBld Classic '60s jazz ballad style
OrchBigBand1 Very realistic big band jazz
OrganGroove Fantastic '60s hard bop Hammond organ jazz
HullyGully Cool '60s style
ItalianMazurka Typical style from the Emilia Romagna region in Italy.


A few demos I prepared using some of the beautiful factory voices:


Style name with audio demo My comments
Accordion & Harmonica  
Accordion Solid accordion patch.. realistic.
Harmonica Nice "Stevie Wonder style" program.
SmallAccrd Melancholically good.
FrenchHorns Realistic ensemble
FunkyAnalog Juicy analog resonant brass
HyperBrass Perfectly sampled
OctaveBrass Sits nicely in the mix.
Choir & Pad  
Gospel Warm
GothicVox Mysterious singer
NeoWarmPad Beautiful, classic analog-polysynth of the early '80s
Skydiver Breathy pad, excellent
SweetHeaven The nowadays standard famous Roland D-50 patch, Staccato Heaven (my favorite patch).
Symbiont Cool twirly patch.
TimeTravel Fantastic pad
Wave2001 Modern filtered pad
E. Piano  
GalaxyEP Standard Yamaha DX7 electric piano
HyperTines Nice example of the great DSPs in this board.
SuitcaseEP Superb Fender Rhodes electric piano, Suitcase version
VintageEP Very good Wurlitzer with tremolo engaged
WahClavi Classic Hohner Clavinet with filter/wha
Flute & Woodwind  
Clarinet Expressive ;-)
Flute Responds perfectly to velocity
Oboe Dreamy
PanFlute Super
Guitar & Bass  
12StrGuitar Another great sampled guitar
Aco.Bass Sounds real
Elec.Gtr Classic rock 'n' roll vintage guitar
FingerBass Clean Fender bass
HiQBass Very good analog bass
JazzGuitar Expressive jazz hollow-body
Mandolin Great looping technique
NylonGuitar Extremely realistic, also thanks to the add-ons like harmonics, slides, finger hits etc.
PowerLead Screaming electric
ResoBass Nice techno bass
SteelGuitar Honest folk guitar
FullRocker Nice, chorusy..
JazzOrgan Perfection in recreating the classic, quintessential Jimmy Smith sound.
Organ Warm Hammond jazz
RotorOrgan Fast Leslie, hi-drawbars
Organ Flutes  
EvenBars! Yep
PadOrgan! Churchy.
SixteenOne! Nice 1960s lounge electric organ
Perc. & Drum Kit  
Dulcimer Ok
JazzVibes With excellent tremolo effect
StandardKit1 Very clean, impeccably sampled, and extremely powerful kit.
GrandHarpsi Large harpsichord
GrandPiano Beautiful grand piano
WarmGrand Close-miked beauty.
AltoSax Cool :-)
SopranoSax The typical smooth jazz instrument
TenorSax Incredibly realistic
Allegro Full and nice
Hackbrett Metal strings
Orch.Oboe Gorgeous setup
Strings Warm, full string ensemble
SynStrings1 Classic late '70s/early '80s ana-strings
Violin Nice vibrato built-in
Synth & Fx  
Analogon 70s synth
HipLead Classic hip hop whistle
Oxygen Puffy synth
UnderHeim Majestic and nice
MutedTrump Realistic
Trombone :-)
Trumpet The famous "Sweet Trumpet"


A few demos I prepared using some of the ready-to-use setups inspired by famous songs:

Music Finder song name with audio demo My comments
At The Copa The classic "Copacabana" by Barry Manilow.
At The Dock's Bay Otis Redding's famous song.  Beautiful backup "mmhhh" chorus!
Birdland Lullaby Famous jazz standard
Blue Trance Probably inspired by Eiffel 65's "I'm blue"
Called To Say Stevie Wonder's famous hit
Cool Daddy Disco Classic Boney M. pattern
Disco Hustle :-)
Disco Survival Donna Summer's huge success
Falling Pieces Patsy Cline's best.
Golden Fields Sting's mature phase.
Grapevine Soul The beautiful Marvin Gaye masterpiece
Guitar For An Apache Famous Surf instrumental
O2 Is Oxygen, Isn't It Jarre's finest moment
Oops It's Done Again Britney in full flight!
Quando Samba The classic Tony Renis song
Waltz Of Amore The classic Dean Martin song

Vocal Harmonies Demos  - please, please, forgive my (bad) vocal efforts

CountryMen  nice choir.

FalsettTrio  useful for those Saturday Night Fever moments.

JazzSisters  superb effect that makes you sound like a trio of female singers like the great Andrews Sisters

SpdyMouse  the most famous Mexican mouse

Contributions from reader Milton Paredes:  additional PSR-3000 audio demos:

Contributions from Milton Paredes - My favorite stiles.rar


Features at a glance
Year of release: 2004
Keyboard: 5-octave
Responds to velocity: yes
Sound generation method: PCM
MIDI: yes
Sound expansion capabilities: yes
Effects: yes
Display: yes, colored LCD


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Yamaha PSR-3000 manual

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