Roland sample libraries

Here are some audio examples of the original Roland floppies for the compatible S-series samplers:  S-50, S-330, S-550, W-30.

Roland S-Series audio demos in .mp3


L-501 set

L-501 set .mp3 demo My comments
L-501_1 --- Electric Piano 1 Awesome Fender Rhodes electric piano, with great velocity sensitivity that opens up the characteristic Rhodes "thonk".
L-501_2 --- Electric Piano 2 & Clavi 1 More polished and well-produced e. pianos, plus an excellent gritty Hohner Clavinet.


RSB-5501 set
RSB-5501 set .mp3 demo My comments
RSB-5501_1 --- Club E.Piano Splits w-Bass & WaveSynth A variety of electric and DX7 pianos, bass and synths.
RSB-5501_2 --- Tenor & No.2 Soprano Saxophones Vol.1 Well sampled saxophones.
RSB-5501_3 --- AcPiano 2 No.3 Steinway C-7 Classicalish Beautiful amalgam of very useful piano sounds.
RSB-5501_4 --- Bass Vol.1  - Electric & Upright Great bass samples.
RSB-5501_5 --- Ac-Guitars 2 Warm and full bodied classical guitars.
RSB-5501_6 --- Solo Cello & Duo Realistic, raspy cello samples.
RSB-5501_7 --- Woodwinds Vol. 1 Many useful patches, for pop or classical - including a great Ocarina sample.
RSB-5501_8 --- Pop Piano 1 E.Grand & MKS-20 Classic electro-acoustic pianos and some MKS-20 standouts.
RSB-5501_9 --- Grand Piano 3 The left...
RSB-5501_10 --- Grand Piano 3 The right.


RSB-5502 set
RSB-5502 set .mp3 demo My comments
RSB-5502_1 --- Conga-Monga IN STEREO! Great conga and bongo samples in stereo.
RSB-5502_2 --- Jet Strings IN STEREO! An interesting idea that mixes majestic strings with the roar of a Jumbo Jet.  A very powerful sound.
RSB-5502_3 --- Long Crash+Splash IN STEREO! Great cymbal samples.
RSB-5502_4 --- Pluck Pianos Prepared 9ft Grand Early piano sounds - great for Medieval/Renaissance music.
RSB-5502_5 --- Mini Moog Bass No.1 Powerful analog bass from the king of all synthesizers.
RSB-5502_6 --- EQ Kits 1A  Separate Outs Studio drums, old school.
RSB-5502_7 --- THX No.1  In Stereo  1=L 2=R The famous Lucas Studios movie sound.
RSB-5502_8 --- FM Filtered No.1 Nice FM pianos and bass.
RSB-5502_9 --- Stereo Set1A 1=L, 2=R Studio drums with nice room reverb.


RSB-5503 set
RSB-5503 set .mp3 demo My comments
RSB-5503_1 --- Flute & Piccolo Realistic flute and piccolo samples
RSB-5503_2 --- Bright Trumpets Solo & Section Great brass, suitable for both pop and classical
RSB-5503_4 --- Orchestral Percussion No.2 Very nice orchestral percussion setup
RSB-5503_9 --- Full String Section Lively and expressive string instruments.


RSB-5504 set
RSB-5504 set .mp3 demo My comments
RSB-5504_3 --- Exotic Hand Percussion No.1 Gorgeous ethnic percussion from around the globe.
RSB-5504_4 --- Designer Trap Set No.1 + SeqBass Nice punchy drum set + several analog basses.
RSB-5504_5 --- Industrial Strength TeknSynPrc Kraftwerkian percussion.


RSB-5505 set
RSB-5505 set .mp3 demo My comments
RSB-5505_3 --- Hookmonics59 1959 Strat Oddities Clean Stratocaster sounds.


RSB-5506 set
RSB-5506 set .mp3 demo My comments
RSB-5506_4 --- Moog Brass 1 Nicely analog synth brass.
RSB-5506_8 --- Brass Vol.3 Brass falls and the great "Dragnet-style", Euphonium, and Elephants samples :-D
RSB-5506_9 --- Super Kit 16bit Very "produced" '80s drum set.
RSB-5506_10 --- Banjo Man Great patch!