Sonic Images Library
Sample CD-ROM library in Roland S-770, S-750, S-760, XV-5080 and compatible format

The Sonic Images Library (in Roland S-770 and S-750 format) is a nice, useful library for many genres.  The focus here is on synthesizer samples, particularly great-sounding analog/digital pads, but there are a few acoustic simulations, some guitars, flutes, and a huge section devoted to special FX.

The quality of the samples is very good, and many of the performances make good use of the aftertouch and the mod wheel.

I particularly love the breathy, vox pads that remind of the Fairlight, the digital plucky synths, and the Microwave patches.

The FX section covers all grounds and it's a must if you score for the pictures - all usual suspects are in there - and more.


In order to use these CD-ROM you will need a SCSI CD-ROM drive connected to your S-series sampler or XV-5080.  Keep in mind that certain sound data will need 32MB of memory, supported only by the S-760.  The S-770 and 750 have less.


Optical Media International Sonic Images Library audio demos

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Patch name with audio demo My comments
01 Pluck Mix Beautiful plucked synth, digital and analog combined, very late '80s/early '90s
02 Bell Strings Typical bell + string combi - full and nice
03 Breath Choir Superb analog/digital pad - Fairlight flavored
08 Fast Strings Ok string ensemble
10 Bell Choir Beautiful, dreamy synthesizer mix
14 Spacepad Another great early '90s series of synthesizers
15 Twelve Moogs Nice Moog synths, several variations
19 Big Brass Typical film score brass
22 Japanese Flute Orch Famous sample, great for New Age
23 Soft Piano Strings Staple combination sound for all keyboardists
28 Slow Orchestra Pad Incredible soft pad, very useful
30 Distorted Guitars '80s chorused and distorted guitar
33 Obie Stack Presumably sampled from an Oberheim
35 Microwave Typical Waldorf MicroWave sounds
39 Six Pianos This piano sound reminds me of the intro in Propaganda's "Duel" (great song!)
40 Harpsiflute Somber flutes
41 Spacelanding Angelic synth, very beautiful
42 Bosendorfer Grand Bosendorfer grand piano samples.
43 FX Vol 1 Nice set of FX
49 FX Vol 7 Many well-known FX
58 FX Vol 16 Sci-Fi


Optical Media International Sonic Images Library specifications


Year of release: 1992
Polyphony: n/a
Sound generation method: n/a
Preset memories n/a
MIDI: n/a
Sound expansion capabilities: n/a
Sequencer n/a
Arpeggiator n/a
Effects n/a


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Optical Media International Sonic Images Library manuals

I put together a .pdf of the CD leaflet:

Sonic Images Library.pdf



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