SR-JV80-08 Keyboards of the '60s & '70s
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  Today on review we have the Roland SR-JV80-08, Keyboards of the '60s & '70s.  This is probably the most sought after in the Roland SR-JV80-series of expansion boards.

The reason of its popularity lies in the fact that these samples are extremely well done, and the programming of the patches adds authenticity to most sounds on offer.  For playing classic rock, blues, oldies, pop, fusion and other styles, this board will provide most of the sounds you'll ever need.

The focus of this board is undoubtedly organs.  Out of 256 presets, 114 are dedicated to the wonderful world of electro-mechanical, combo, and transistor organs of all kinds.  A super treat for any keyboardist ;-)

But don't think that organs steal the show, here: on offering are plenty of electric pianos, Clavinets, and even a bit of Mellotron is thrown in for good measure!

This board is practically all you need if you play the classic songs from the 60s and 70s.  The sounds are all there!  :-)  One notable sound that's missing is the Mellotron flutes... but that's available on the Vintage board :-D

Check out how great this board sounds by listening to the audio demos below.


Roland SR-JV80-08 Keyboards of the '60s & '70s audio demos in mp3


Stream all mp3 examples below

Patch name with audio demo My comments
001 Blues Perc Incredibly realistic Hammond B-3, with a full sound, chorus/leslie, and a bit of overdrive
002 A LittleHelp Presumably inspired by the Beatles' song.  Cool Leslie effect
005 Sly Family B Classic '70s B-3 organ sound - a la Sly and the Family Stone
011 So Very BS&T So very Blood, Sweat & Tears.  Classic band, keyboardist Al Kooper etc. - pure '70s
015 85 8808 880 Nice emulation of a Hammond with the 85 8808 880 drawbar settings
018 B3 Sermon Very good jazzy B-3, a la Jimmy Smith's "The Sermon"
019 British B3 British version of the B.  Nice reverb, Leslie and feel.
020 All Skate! Typical accompaniment sound in skate rinks of the '60s
024 Felix Ballad Presumably inspired by Felix Cavaliere's organ (the Rascals).  Nice detune fx on aftertouch
025 Fudge Ballad Classic '70s, probably inspired by the Hammond sound in band Vanilla Fudge
029 Barleycorn Traffic's classic album "Barleycorn must die"
030 Magic Carpet Very good Hammond samples and programming, nails Steppenwolf's "Magic Carpet Ride"
033 Bookin' B Exquisite rendition of Booker T. & the MGs organ sound such as Green Onions etc./Stax
035 NICE L100 Keith Emerson's original group before ELP, the Nice featured a - well - nice L100 Hammond organ :-)
041 Salty Dog Presumably inspired by the sound in Procol Harum' homonymous album.
042 Stevie's B3 Steve Winwood, perhaps?
051 Whiter Shade The classic organ in Procol Harum's classic "A Whiter Shade Of Pale"
054 B3 JazzSplit Okay, two manuals, different sounds
055 Evil Ways Cool sound, inspired by Santana's classic song
056 Dyno Perc B3 You get more percussion according to the velocity you hit the keys - classic Hammond
063 8888+3rd Vel Very nice, classic drawbar setting *(8888), 3rd harmonic percussion, and lovely key click.
068 ZomBee 3 Classic Rod Argent / The Zombies organ sound?
071 Gimme Some Outstanding rendition of the Hammond sound used by Steve Winwood in the classic super hit "Gimme Some Lovin'"
080 Rising Sun Here we switch to an excellent version of the Animals' transistor organ as used in the famous "The House Of The Rising Sun"
081 Surf Monkeys Another cool Vox type transistor organ - The Monkees, '60s surf style etc.
084 BreakOnThru Very good representation of the Door's Vox Continental as used by Ray Manzarek in "Break On Through (To The Other Side)" and other classic songs of his band.
089 Archie's Mod Fun combo organ of the '60s, inspired by The Archies Show (Sugar Sugar etc)
096 Farfi Combo Classic Farfisa combo organ - reedy and '60s
098 Iron Farf Stupendous Farfisa, a la Iron Butterfly's "In A Gadda Da Vida"
101 Reggae Organ Classic Hammond sound used in '70s reggae
106 Farf Celeste Sublime organ sound with long envelope, similar to what the Beatles used in the intro to
108 Rox Organ P Classic RMI (Rocky Mountain Instruments) Rock-Si-Chord organ type, Roxichord
115 Suitcase 88 Fantastic patch resembling a full size, 88 keys Rhodes Suitcase electric piano
120 Stage 73 The standard electric piano
124 Mr.Suitcase Beautiful tremolo effect through the speakers
125 Jazz Rhodes Enchanting, mysterious electric piano
140 I'mNotinLove Beautiful electric piano patch, replicating the 10ccs' classic "I'm Not In Love"
142 Bread Rhodes Heavily effected.  A type of e.p sound used by the band Bread perhaps?
144 Ray's Pno Bs The Doors' fifth band member, a bass player - was in Ray's left hand at the Rhodes piano bass
147 What'd I say Classic Wurlitzer sound, as employed by Ray Charles for his classic hit
152 Tramp Wurly Quintessential Supertramp sound
153 Tremo Wurly Very realistic Wurlitzer EP200 with tremolo engaged
163 Rider-Storm A nice Wurlitzer, good for the Door's song
164 Pnet Tee The Hohner Pianet T , cool sound
166 ShesNotThere Wurly type sound, as used by the Zombies in "She's Not There"
170 Rox Piano 1 Another cool Roxichord analog work of beauty
189 Clav 1 Very nice Hohner Clavinet, classic sound
192 Clav 4 The FUNK - classic '70s
196 Phase Clav 1 Psychedelic and Progressive
200 Mute Clav 2 Very well sampled and programmed Clavinet
209 WahWah Clav1 Typical Clavi through wah-wah or Mutron
213 TronStrg ENS They even squeezed some Mellotron samples in here - excellent!
223 Moody Tron Typical Mellotron string sound, as used by Mike Pinder in the Moody Blues
227 Tron Cello Original cello tape from the Mellotron library
230 Tron Orch Very nice string+choir Mellotron setup
231 DryStr-Choir without effects
232 Tron Vox Nice tenor
235 Tron Choir Distinctly recognizable Mellotron choir from its library
239 Slow Choir Very beautiful Mellotron set, with plenty of reverb
247 PlanetClaire Inspired by the B52's Farfisa + female vocal in "Planet Claire"
248 Rox Strings And we finish this review with the Rock-Si-Chord purely analog strings.



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