SR-JV80-10 Bass & Drums
Expansion board

Image by Roland

  Another joint effort between Roland and Spectrasonics, this expansion board features a large quantity of electric/acoustic basses, and acoustic drums.

The quality of these samples is outstanding, and with a bit of care during programming/sequencing, it is possible to achieve great realism.

The players involved are well-known session players - bassists Marcus Miller, Abraham Laboriel Sr., John Patitucci, Abe Laboriel Jr., and drummer Bob Wilson.

The board features single-note programs, that you can play from a keyboard, and also some prerecorded loops, to sync with your sequencer.

Since the stock bass and drums patches on the JV/XP series is a bit scarce, having this superb board installed in your synth is a sure way to augment the sonic palette at your disposal.  A must for rock, jazz, fusion, world, Latin, and other acoustic genres.

Check out the audio demos below to see what this card can do.


Roland SR-JV80-10 Bass & Drums audio demos


Stream all mp3 examples below

Patch name with audio demo My comments
001 Marcus 3way Marcus Miller's electric, with excellent velocity-switch
005 MM Dynathumb Nice slap
006 Abe Sr. 4way Abe Laboriel's sound
008 AL 3way P.Bs The extra samples found in the high registry of the keyboard add realism when added
015 John P.4way John Patitucci's very groovy bass
017 JP Chorus Bs Very '80s
021 JP Brite Slp Nice
023 Solo Fretles Very nice samples
025 Marcus OctFl Powerful
026 MM FrtlsBend '70s fusiony
028 MM Weathery Typical Jaco Pastorius Fender Jazz sound
038 AcoustiTouch Solid contrabass
046 JP Rock Pick James Bond
061 Abe's P.Bass Nice Precision
062 AL Solid Fng Powerful
068 AL Old Soul Classic Motown-style Fender bass with ultra-worn out strings
070 Marcus Jazz Fast moving
074 Bright Pick Blues Brothers
079 Wild Thang Excellent distorted bass sound of the '60s
086 Funkin'WahBs :-)
089 Bass SOLO!! A loop on the left, "Staccato Heaven" pad in the middle, expressive fretless on the right
115 AmbGrv-Bs 90 Superb loop, extremely well played
119 BW Jz 6-8 52 Nice jazz waltz loop
127 AL Funk 120 Hear the drummer get wicked
129 Fat Rock KIT Samples assigned in General MIDI style on the keyboard - expressive to play
130 Ringer KIT Solid samples
133 BigBalladKIT Huge room sound
136 Garage KIT Superb patch, lots of fun to play  - here I am playing in real time - I added the single sounds at the end of the audio sample to show the starting point
138 Natural KIT Realistic
142 FAT Comp.KIT P h a t
148 R&B KIT Cool
002 Funk SET In the Rhythm section (MIDI channel 10)
008 Dance SET In the Rhythm section (ch. 10)



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