SR-JV80-12 Hip Hop Collection
Expansion board

Image by Roland

  Number 12 in the Roland SR-JV80-series saga, the Hip Hop collection expansion board is a goldmine of old (and new) school sounds for urban styles such as Hip Hop and Rap, but it also features many other sounds suitable for Soul, Jazz Funk, Reggae, R&B, '70s Fusion, Disco etc.

The loops contained in this board are phenomenal, programmed with taste and inventive - and they "swing" just the right amount to make your head bob following the rhythm.

The basses are all classic analog of the Moog and vintage Roland variety, a must for these genres of music.  A pleasant surprise is the addition of a bank of special effects and combinations that round up nicely this expansion board.


Check out the audio demos below to see what this card can do.


Roland SR-JV80-12 Hip Hop Collection audio demos


Stream all mp3 examples below

Patch name with audio demo My comments
001 88 Phat Boyz Classic gangsta type looop
002 89 Saxy Hit Superb, groovy rhythm with saxophone and string hits
006 91 Hop Chop Nice and happening
008 123 ColdBuzz Very nice aftertouch/mod. wheel filtering action on this one
012 76 DogCatchr Yep
015 74 Mystery Lots or reverb
016 138 Kingston Perfect for reggae or raggamuffin/dancehall styles
019 78 Bacon This beat sizzles
026 83 HipHpDJ Grooves like a vintage freight train
030 85 Homie Nice
034 88 HH LoFi Hyper-equalized hats, vintage flavor
040 88 Blow Hard Classic beatbox
042 89 FunkyYeh The '70s
044 89 SnakySplt Great split featuring a wide bass on the left and a funky synth lead on the right
055 92 StreetRok Metallic snare
068 100 Club Mix Yes
075 150 Ohyea Great for d 'n' b
077 172 Get Busy More d 'n' b
080 78 Thin Lead Typical 1970s style "worm" Moog monosynth
084 88 AftrHours Hypnotic
087 90 The Fedz Perfect
095 Loops Menu 1 Lots of them - many more than portrayed in this audio example.
098 Juno Bass 2 Classic analog synth bass
104 PhazSub Bass Low
105 Arrpy Bass Fantastic ARP style mono
110 Low Bass Lower
112 Whappy Bass Chorusy
117 808Kick Bass Lowest (need subwoofer)
122 Hiphop EP 1 Sparkly clean Fender Rhodes electric piano
125 MellowTrem Beautiful electric piano with tremolo
157 RadioSymphny Distortion is your friend
160 SoftStrings2 Classic Roland warm pad
163 Juno X Bizarre Juno rendition
169 40's Chord Stupendous sax section
174 Freakout Sax Yep
176 Lo-Fi Hits Lots of them
182 DJ stuff Scratchy scratchy so nice, gotta scratch it twice
191 Voice Menu Cool vocals
206 Smooth Strat Effected guitar
209 Sat.Nite Ld Cool Minimoog sound
214 JU Reso Ld 2 Stupendous Roland Juno type resonant synth
221 Spellcaster Scary
223 CrazyBaby Outstandingly hypnotic and far-out setup
225 Roarn Tibet Beautiful - close your eyes and let the beat transport you
228 Wippa Snappa Resonant
236 Bristol 1 Crazy
245 EarlyEvening Crickets in the summer
001 Hip-Hop 1 Lots of samples for your programming
002 Hip-Hop 2 Awesome samples
004 FunkAcidJazz Useful stuff.
005 Reggae Dance Hall style
007 TR-808 The classic, standard Hip Hop drum machine.



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