SR-JV80-16 Orchestral II - Featuring Strings, Brass and Celtic
Expansion board

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  The SR-JV80-16 Orchestral II expansion board is an excellent compendium of orchestral strings, brass, and Celtic instruments.

The Orchestral II is an excellent complement to the original SR-JV80-02 Orchestral board, because it expands greatly on a few sections of the symphonic orchestra - string and brass sections - but also adds a generous amount of Celtic sounds.

This was without doubt due to the fact that around the time this board was produced (1999), one of the most popular movies in the history of cinema was also made - Titanic - and of course, the main song (Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On")  featured Celtic/Irish instruments.  All of a sudden every composer started using Celtic instruments in their soundtracks, and Roland took note :-)  by adding these types of instruments to this board.  My suspicion is particularly evident in the name of a preset on this board:  "121 Sinking Duo"  - an obvious reference to the movie.

The quality of the board is - as usual with Roland - extremely good - all samples are well recorded, and feel "warm" and full.

Check out the audio demos below to see what this expansion board can do.


Roland SR-JV80-16 Orchestral II audio demos


Stream all mp3 examples below

Patch name with audio demo My comments
001 StStrOrc p-f Stupendous string orchestra, reacts very well to velocity - Warm, full, beautiful... perfect for many genres of music.
003 Emotionale Beautiful and romantic string ensemble.
005 Str DownBow Dramatic string section.
010 StrOrch p-f Very nice velocity-touch piano to forte string orchestra - very expressive.
012 RichSymphony Super warm, excellently reverberated symphony strings
019 101 Violins Lots of them ;-)
026 PyanniString A New-Age'y patch, probably inspired by sounds used by famous composer Yanni.
028 Quartet Superb, woody string quartet.
029 Solo&Acomp Beautiful, cinematic string split - a solo violin on the left, a full ensemble on the right.
030 Vln&Vcl Violin and violoncello?
036 Vienna Solo Nice violin
039 Tape Orchest Nice take on a well-used Mellotron - tape warping and all.
040 Reverse Str Stupendously hypnotic - the classic sampler trick of reversing the waveform.
042 SoloViolin 2 Extremely playable
046 SadSolo Vln Sniff, sob..
050 Solo Cello Nice
054 Strngs&Horns Realistic, large ensemble of strings and horns
056 FilmOrchst p Marvelously cinematic
061 Orch Ens Full Romantic orchestra
064 Orch Brass 2 Brassy
066 Last Noel A cool Christmas setup
067 Celtic Ensbl Classic Celtic sounds
068 Harp & Flute Lovely
070 Prokofiev Classic combo inspired by great composer Sergei
076 Large Horns Realistic
082 Solo Fr.Hrn1 Very nice French horn
092 Trumpet Ens A few trumpets
094 Centurions and gladiators
095 Real Trumpet Nice classical tone
099 El Bono Trombones are always fun
104 ConcertFlute Sweet, heart-felt flute
110 Piccolo 2 Yep
114 CelticFlt 1 Breathy
117 TinWhistle 1 Does anybody not know that song? :-)
121 Sinking Duo Lovely Celtic feel
123 Hill&Sheeps1 Superb bagpipes sound
127 UilleanPipe The typical Irish bagpipe
157 MelancolyHrp Beautiful harp
160 Clarsah Harp Nice sharp, metallic tone
163 Harp Gliss Yep
165 Cymbalon Beautiful instrument.
171 Harmonium 1 Intimate chapel organ
175 SecretGarden Nice
181 TubulaBells5 Well-sampled tubular bells
182 ChurchBells4 Realistic
185 HappyXmas 2 Lovely Christmas music setup
189 Mmms & Aaahs Full, soft women choir
191 CelticSpirit Very Enya.
197 Heaven'sVox2 Cool synth vox
203 Humming Chrs Classic backing vocals sound
218 C.Harp-pad Pensive pad and harp
222 Waterworld Very cool sound fx
225 Titan Incredibly powerful - excellent sound design!
229 Your Mission Nice drum roll
235 HorrorHit C4 Full scare
001 Orch Set All the usual suspects in the percussion section of the orchestra pit.
002 Celtic Set Groovy.


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