24 Bit Digital Reverb

Roland SRV-3030

One of the latest offerings from Roland in terms of digital effects.

Quality multi-effect processor, with very valid reverb spaces, but also great-sounding digital multi-fx.

The small rooms in particular sound very realistic, and detailed.

Notable the inclusion of an "EZ Edit" section, where one can edit the principal parameters of each patch very quickly and efficiently.

The SRV-3030D version adds S/PDIF digital connections to the unit.


Roland SRV-3030 audio demos

Here below are some of the SRV-3030's factory presets.

I used a Roland Fantom XR and a Roland V-Synth with their internal effects turned off for the examples.  The signal is first heard dry, then through the processor.

Stream all mp3 examples below


Preset name with audio demo My comments
01 MediumWoodRoom Realistic small space, with reflecting wooden surfaces
06 Dense Hall Beautiful, dreamy, warm reverb, perfect for many styles of music
12 RSS Cathedral Gentle, warm church setting
25 Room To Bloom Aggressive, raucous reverb
31 Cheap Radio Yep!
37 RSSDelay140bpm Perfect for arpeggiated, minimalistic styles
44 Rhythm Stix Gorgeous resonances, very cool
45 Quiet Tunnel Very realistic program
47 Nightmare 3D Huge reverb, massive
56 Smooth Plate The good ol' sound of the '60s and '70s
59 Studio Drums Oh yes.
69 Smooth Taj Very realistic "marble palace" ambience
71 Sml-Med Hall Solid
72 LgRoom-LgHall Perfect for classical music
73 Lrg-Sml Plates Real
82 Crazy Taps! Echoes all over the place
83 Spinners Panned delays
85 VoiceTransform Nice sci-fi fx
91 Space Tunnel Cool and moving
94 ... . . . . Lots of marbles falling on a hard surface...Different!


Roland SRV-3030 specifications


Year of release:  
Sound generation method:  
Preset memories  
MIDI: yes
Sound expansion capabilities:  
Sequencer n/a
Arpeggiator n/a


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Roland SRV-3030 manuals

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Roland SRV-3030 review with audio demo - September 28, 2008