SRX-01 Dynamic Drum Kits
Expansion board

  The first in the SRX-series of Roland expansion boards, "Dynamic Drum Kits" was co-produced by Roland and Spectrasonics in 2000.

This board contains a selected array of drum samples, extremely well-recorded, and in many variations.

A bit rock-oriented, it's however possible to adapt it to other genres, especially pop and jazz.

Spectrasonics made several drum sample-CDs in the past, always of high quality, so this board doesn't disappoint:  the kits are absolutely "slamming", powerful, and very clean.

Check out audio demos from this board here below.


Roland SRX-01 Dynamic Drum Kits audio demos in mp3


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Patch name with audio demo My comments
001 Poppin KIT Good snare sound - dynamically changing from full to "pop"
002 StdRock1 KIT Yep
003 TightRck1KIT Nice "ghost" sounds via keyboard velocity
004 StudioJz KIT Standard Jazz sounds, clean, "natural wood"
005 Latin KIT No percussion unfortunately
006 BigRock1 KIT Huge ambient
007 Pwr Blld KIT Quality drums and reverb
008 TightRck2KIT Skins tuned high
009 Dry Rock KIT Classic Rock drums
010 StdRock2 KIT Power Rock
011 OhBabyRckKIT 1960s type
012 StudioFatKIT Fat, gluey, dense
013 RoomBlld KIT Another ballad variation
014 Big Blld KIT Good for Blues also.
015 BigRock2 KIT Lots of ambience.
016 All Beef KIT With lots of compression
017 Disco KIT Typical Disco drums of the late '70s
018 VintagFnkKIT F u n k y...
019 Phunque KIT More Funk
020 70JzFunk KIT Jazz/Fusion
021 Jazz Mix KIT Clean sounds
022 DynBrush KIT With brushes...
023 70'sBrushKIT Older drums and skins with brushes
024 PwrBrush KIT Yes


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