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The Korg T-series is often called "the M1 on steroids" and it's quite true.  The T3 features double the amount of ROM waveforms than the M1 has - 8MB as opposed to 4MB in the good old M1.

The T3 can also load M1 presets, and has the same 8-track sequencer - expanded and aided by a useful disk drive.  The famous M1 high-quality effects are also present.

The presets have been reworked, to take advantage from the augmented wave ROM, and it shows - in all, even if this synth came out only a brief time after the M-series, it notably improves its sound and the performance capabilities.

Oddly, Korg never produced a T-series rack format, but the M1REX can be considered that  - this rack contains the whole 8MB of memory that the T3 has ,and is a cross between M1 and T3, capable of morphing in any of these two fine instruments.

Korg T3 audio demos in mp3

Korg T3 factory songs


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Preset Prog with audio demo

My comments

00 One World A variation of the famous M1 "Universe" patch
01 Piano2 16' The T-series piano is thoroughly improved - especially on the T1
02 Alto Sax Breathy and very cool alto sax
03 Spectrum 2 Typical M/T sound
04 E.Bass 2 Fantastic electric bass!!!  Very fusion, late 70s/early 80s
05 Marimba Beautifully sampled marimba patch - sounds real!
06 Res-Synth1 Emulation of resonant filter - ...well...
07 Stringorch Beautiful string ensemble
08 Wavesweep1 Very nice and inspired evolving synth pad.  Korg's own WaveStation would be the king of these sounds a few years later
09 T1 Drums Superb drum set!  The on-board M1 sounds have been totally beefed-up, and the T3 ROM is full - as you can hear - of punchy and modern sounds, including a great TR-909 snare
10 Steamsynth Beautiful, majestic synpad
11 Soft E.P. Nicely intimate Fender Rhodes electric piano, with realistic tremolo effect.  Nice!
12 Trombone Realistic trombone
13 Wavesweep2 More synthy goodness, here!
14 Banjo Deliverance, here we go
15 Gamelan Nicely sampled, the loops are short but hey.
16 Pick-Piano Funny piano sound, very bright and metallic
17 Harp Beauty!!!  Very well sampled and just the right touch of reverbs.
18 Wavesweep3 The Wavesweep series is a sweet one...
19 Timpani Realistic if not too expressive
20 Pasqualina Love the name!  Pasqualina is actually an old fashioned Italian female name - typically given to girls born on or around Easter (Pasqua = Easter) time.  This Pasqualina is a sweet girl pad, a bit Wavestation-like and with an awesomely hypnotic voice tone.
21 Pad Piano Yep - perfect for ballads.
22 Harmonica Nice and warm
23 Vocoder Cool synth voices
24 Stick Bass Good bass - Chapman stick maybe?
25 Pot Covers Awesome percussive bells!
26 Da Voice Reminds me of Yello - a typical voice-wave patch.
27 Soloviolin Very improved from the M1 - realistic and expressive
28 Bellsynth1 Sweet!  synbell pad - 80s style
29 Drum Kit 2 More solid, punchy drums from the T3 ROM.
30 Pizzicato Great for scoring cartoons
31 Organ 4 Delightful Hammond B-3 jazz organ, with a nice ambient reverb and Leslie simulation
32 Clarinet Nice and woody
33 Analogpad1 This reminds me of the Roland MKS-80 for some reason - nice analog patch
34 E.Guitar 2 Short loops, but nice tone and character for this electric guitar.
35 Music Box Shhhh!!!  The baby sleeps!  Very nicely done patch.
36 Pro Sync Typical sync synth - a la Prophet 5.
37 Analogpad2 Awesome 1980s string pad!!!
38 Analogstab Powerful brass stabs - Oberheim style
39 Tuned Drum Lots of great tuned percussion instruments.
40 Gospelorg. Full-out drawbar organ
41 Clavinet Classic Hohner Clavinet, notably improved from the M1.
42 Baritonsax Nice baritone saxophone
43 Choriana Beautiful glassy pad!
44 New Slap Realistic slap bass
45 Industry Nice industrial percussion
46 Res-Synth2 Intriguing synth
47 Veneziano Marvelous string ensemble - realistic and very expressive.
48 Wavesweep4 '80s goodness
49 Gate Drum Phil Collins at work
50 Palamine Nice! pad, classic.
51 Piano2  8' The beautiful piano again.
52 Accordion Sampled very well!
53 Bellsynth2 I think this sound has been used in many songs during the early '90s.
54 Mandolin Nice mandolin.
55 Spec.Junk Cool and different patch.
56 Cha Voice More pseudo-sampler effect.
57 ArcoStrng1 Beautiful string ensemble!!!!!!!
58 Synthbass3 Moog!!!
59 Velo+Gated Interesting and contemporary-sounding drums
60 Fantasy BEAUTIFUL patch - a Roland D-50-influenced setup here - but beautiful in its own - a cross between Fantasia and Steamer.
61 Pipeorgan1 Very nice chapel organ.
62 FrenchHorn Fox hunting
63 Wavesweep5 More sweep beauties
64 FingerPick Very open acoustic jumbo guitar
65 Toy Piano Very interesting and cool sound!
66 Zawinul Nice analog synth with ping and zing - from master Joe
67 Softstring Exquisite string ensemble -
68 Super E.P. Cross between Wurlitzer and Rhodes - well produced.
69 Clicker Great special FX
70 Bag Pipe Scottish pride
71 Hard E.P. Expressive Rhodes
72 Hard Flute Nice breathy flute
73 Soft Pad Honest analog syn pad
74 Harmonics yep
75 Synth Gong Nice rendition
76 Wire 2 Aggressive techno tone
77 Cellos Nice and realistic
78 Chorus Gtr Cool chorused Strato
79 Cymbell Nice cross between cymbals and bells
80 Start Orch Spectacular sound fx
81 Organ 3 Full drawbar-out organ
82 Analog Outstanding analog synth brass!!!
83 Sensitive Dark, out there vocal pad
84 Round Bass Nice bass with flat wound strings
85 Steam Yep
86 PickGuitar Folk style
87 Monsoon Beautiful evolving pad!!!!!!!  Reminds of the Yamaha SY77
88 Wavesweep6 The Wavesweep series is not over yet :-)
89 Perc Wave Very cool tuned percussion
90 Mystery Warm and analog-sounding setup
91 Pipeorgan2 The classic pipe organ sound - Bach would enjoy playing the T3
92 Hard Sax Sax played in sforzando, obviously!
93 Waterphone Awesome sound effect, perfect for horror movies!
94 Koto Well sampled Japanese instrument
95 Noise Yeah
96 Two Worlds More synth pad goodies
97 Tchu Wave Brassy syn wave
98 Wavesweep7 The end of the wavesweeps..
99 TunedDrum2 More great percussion.


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Preset Combi with audio demo

My comments

00 CosmicRain Beautiful evolving pad with alien birds flying by
10 The Deep Fantastic deep synthesizer twirls
14 KillerBass Reminds of an old analog monosynth such as an ARP Odyssey
16 Big Band Good rendition of jazz band combo
48 DreamAfter '80s synth setup, with character.
50 Kryptonite Outstandingly beautiful synth bell with diamonds floating in space!!!
59 New Age Interesting New Age setup
61 Piano&Strg The classic combo, piano and strings - every piano bar guy should have this patch.
70 NewGalaxy Fine sci-fi synth strings
80 AlphaWaves Fairlight style
90 Going Up? Nice setup, playing with the envelopes.
94 Rock&Roll Awesome bass and distorted guitar split :-)
97 Divisi Powerful and mystique analog/real string super-pad!!!!!!!
98 Dusty*Sax Reminds of my idol Fausto Papetti (mythical Italian easy listening saxophonist)


Korg T3 Features
Features at a glance
Year of release: 19__
Polyphony: 16-voice
Sound generation method: sample-based
Preset memories 100 programs, 100 combinations
MIDI: in, out, thru
Sound expansion capabilities: pcm and data cards
Sequencer yes
Arpeggiator no
Effects reverb, delay and more
Velocity yes
Aftertouch yes
Sample Memory: disk
Display: yes, large backlit green


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