Dynamic Vector Synthesis tone generator

The Yamaha TG33 is a 32-voice programmable synthesizer module featuring AWM and FM synthesis under vector control.  Many automatic vector ("dynamic vector") patches are offered in the presets, but the vector control joystick on this module allows real time manipulation of vector level and detune, allowing the user a high degree of expression.  There are two preset banks of sounds, plus an Internal and a Multi bank, and the option of adding RAM cards for even more patch storage.

The TG33 is a fairly compact synth, and can be set up as a desktop module, or mounted in a rack with the included rack ears.  On the MIDI side, in, out and thru are offered.  There are two sets of stereo outputs to add your own effects on mix-down, but the unit also includes 16 types of digital effects on board.

The TG33 was manufactured following the Korg Wavestation's success.  At the time Yamaha had acquired Korg and evidently the R&D teams were working on similar projects.  All of a sudden, vectoring was the sound in vogue, and while the Wavestation was the "professional" instrument to aspire to, the TG33 was a much more affordable option.  The first synth to offer vector synthesis was the Sequential Circuits Prophet VS, recently emulated by Arturia with their Prophet V (Prophet-5 and VS in the same package).  On the TG33, it's easy to create your own vectors starting from the provided patches, and then saving your creations to the internal or card memory banks.

The ROM on board is very similar to the Yamaha SY/TG55 series, probably based on the same base set of samples, with a few updates (the drums in particular sound a bit better and more modern than on the 55 series).  There are many of the same AWM samples categories found on the 55 (and 77?) series, but several other categories have been added, such as OSC, SEQ and Tran - all very adapt for wave-sequencing/vectoring.

The TG33 can be considered the rack version of the SY22:  a few parameters are missing but the cards that were produced for the 22 will work in the 33 as well.


Yamaha TG33 factory patch audio demos in mp3

Let's listen to the on-board factory Yamaha TG33 demo song:


- a funky, fusion song that represents well the AWM sound engine of the TG33, but doesn't offer many examples of the vector-synthesis capabilities of this machine.

Let's have a listen to the factory presets for that:


Stream all mp3 examples below (preset bank 1)

Preset bank 1
Patch name with audio demo My comments
11 SP-Pro33 Majestic and brassy evolving pad
12 SP-Echo Beautiful staccato sound, with the release deliciously a bit out of tune
13 SP-BelSt Divine bell-string combination, typical Yamaha sound
14 SP-Full Full synthesizer good for dance
15 SP-Ice Incredible vector-based sound, with glaciers moving, expanding and evolving.
16 SP-Dandy Happy synth sound
17 SP-Arkle Nice motion synth + choir
18 SP-BrVec Stupendous vector sound, with analog brass and sparkly synth!
21 SP-Matrx Beautiful evolving synth - maybe inspired by the Oberheim Matrix series
22 SP-Gut Nice airy guitar
23 SP-Omni Superb analog strings - probably inspired by the ARP Omni
24 SP-Oiled Usable synth
25 SP-Ace Cool wavy synth, vector-based
26 SP-Quire Great-sounding cross between Tomita style synth and a choir
27 SP-Digit Classic '80s fusion synth
28 SP-Swell Powerful and brassy analog synth
31 SC-Groov Other classic comp dance synth
32 SC-Airy Nice sampled choir with fast attack
33 SC-Solid Very good for accompaniment
34 SC-Sweep Ok
35 SC-Drops Nicely '80s
36 SC-Euro Solid synth + string patch
37 SC-Decay Reminds me of certain sounds used by German band Propaganda in the '80s.
38 SC-Steel Interesting synth
41 SC-Rude Raw synth
42 SC-Bellz Interesting and expressive bell synth.
43 SC-Pluck Nice reverberated synth
44 SC-Glass Cross between glass harmonica and calliope
45 SC-Wood Synth with woody attack
46 SC-Wire Excellent moody, dark synthesizer
47 SC-Cave Great for movie scoring
48 SC-Wispa Eclectic.
51 SC-Sync A bit weak but okay
52 SL-VCO Analog synth solo
53 SL-Chic More analog solo
54 SL-Mini Super classic Minimoog solo sound
55 SL-Wisul Whistle sound, like Lyle Mays
56 SL-Blues Very nice harmonica lead
57 SL-Cosmo Punchy and cute electro solo
58 SL-Super Nice twirly synth
61 ME-Vecta Quintessential vector patch
62 ME-NuAge Fantastic vector-based new age synth
63 PC-Hit+ Techno meets vector
64 ME-Glace Dramatic moving texture
65 ME-Astro Superb sci-fi synth
66 ME-Vger Classic Fairlight-type syn vox
67 ME-Hitch Meditative and beautiful
68 ME-Indus Very interesting vector synth with plenty of surprises
71 SE- Mount Beautiful nature sound fx
72 SE-5.PM Stuck in traffic
73 SE-FlyBy The bumble bee.
74 SE-Fear Incredible special sound effect, perfect for sci-fi or horror movies.
75 SE-Wolvs Watch those sheep
76 SE-Hades Great eerie patch
77 SE-Neuro Cool special fx
78 Se-Angel Beautiful, calm, relaxing synth pad
81 SQ-MrSeq Typical '80s sequencer short synth
82 SQ-It The famous Popcorn sound
83 SQ-Id Beautiful staccato synth
84 SQ-Wrapa Very cool sound FX
85 SQ-TG809 Analog drums inspired by the classic Roland TR-808 and 909
86 SQ-Devol Outstanding, far-out ensemble
87 DR-Kit Punchy kit, plus a few vocal sample surprises.
88 DR-EFX Filtered, effected drum kit


Stream all mp3 examples below (preset bank 2)

Preset bank 2
Patch name with audio demo My comments
11 EP-Arlad Classic L.A. style piano
12 AP-Piano Nicely percussive rock piano
13 EP-Malet Nice mallet sound
14 AP-ApStr Standard acoustic piano + strings
15 EP-DX6op Impression of a classic DX7 and similar 6 operator FM synth
16 EP-Pin High piano
17 EP-NewDX Variation on the classic FM piano
18 EP-Fosta Typical (mega producer) David Foster style electric piano sound, very popular in the '80s and early '90s
21 OR-Gospl Very cool Hammond with Leslie typically used for gospel music
22 OR-Rock "All out" drawbar organ
23 OR-Pipe Realistic and powerful church organ
24 OR-Perc typical jazz organ
25 KY-Squez Nice accordion sound
26 KY-Hrpsi Classical harpsichord
27 KY-Celst Good celesta patch
28 KY-Clavi Standard Clavinet
31 BA-Slap Nice bass frequencies
32 BA-Atack Groovy synth bass
33 BA-Seq Standard '80s sequencer mono bass
34 BA-Trad Nice Moog synth bass
35 BA-Pick Nice picked electric bass
36 BA-Syn Fat synth bass
37 BA-Rezz Resonant filter synth bass
38 BA-Unisn Synth bass in unison
41 BA-Fingr Nice jazzy electric bass patch
42 BA-Frtls Beautiful, warm-sounding fretless
43 BA-Wood Good
44 PL-Foksy Ok acoustic guitar
45 PL-12Str Ok 12-string guitar
46 PL-Mute Nice muted electric
47 PL-Nylon Flamenco
48 PL-Dist Good example of the distortion effect
51 BR-Power 80s synth
52 BR-Fanfr Great brass!
53 BR-Class Easy listening brass
54 BR-Reeds Good for Latin music
55 BR-Chill Cool brass ensemble
56 BR-Zeus Nice synth brass, very '80s.
57 BR-Moot Happy and funny brass/reed ensemble
58 BR-Anlog Superb analog synth
61 BR-FrHrn Charming french horn patch
62 BR-Trmpt Ok trumpet
63 BR-Tromb Nice trombone
64 WN-Sax Another excellent sax for Latin music
65 WN-Pan Typical pan flute sound that all ROMplers had in the early 90s.
66 WN-Oboe Realistic
67 WN-Clart Nice clarinet, a bit synthy.
68 WN-Flute Good classical flute
71 ST-Arco Dramatic, beautiful strings
72 ST-Chmbr Beautiful, expressive and melancholic strings
73 ST-Full Nice, fat string ensemble
74 ST-Pizza The typical pizzicato string sound from the 1960s
75 ST-CelSt Nice orchestral patch
76 ST-Exel Oustanding, beautiful string ensemble
77 ST-Synth Cool string polysynth
78 ST-Eroid Another cool Fairlight-y patch
81 CH-Modrn Nice moving choir
82 CH-Duwop Nice doo-wop vox patch
83 CH-Itopy The classic Itopia sound found all over the SY/TG series
84 CH-Astiz Good choir + fx
85 PC-Marim Cool and realistic marimba
86 PC-Vibes Superb, jazzy vibraphone
87 PC-Bells Nice and moody bells
88 PC-Clang Very good ethnic patch


Yamaha TG33 specifications


Year of release: 19__
Polyphony: 32
Sound generation method: AWM, FM, vector control
Preset memories 2x64 preset, 64 internal, multi, card
MIDI: in, out, thru
Sound expansion capabilities: cards
Sequencer no
Arpeggiator no
Effects yes


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