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Here is the Yamaha TG77, the rack version of the groundbreaking SY77.  When this synth came on the market, I remember being very impressed with the jazz factory demo.

This is a very powerful module, capable of great acoustic emulations, but also - thanks to the beefed up FM capabilities - out worldly pads and sound fx.

The TG77 also features quality effect blocks - for the time (1990) very advanced.

The module - like the keyboard version - accepts sample and data cards, to further expand the sonic arsenal on board.

The TG55 was the sample-only version of this module.

Yamaha TG77 factory demo songs:

01 Pot Pourri

02 IT's CooL !!!

03 PowerPlay

04 House Demo-P.Ellis

Yamaha TG77 audio demos in mp3:

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PRESET 1 bank
Patch name with audio demo My comments
01 SP Cosmo Beautiful, analog-sounding string synth pad
02 SP Metroid Classic synth brass, '80s style
03 SP Diamond Classy, flowing pad.
04 SP Sqrpad Nice pad based on square waveforms.
05 SP Arianne Intriguing FM'ish pad.
06 SP Sawpad Typical '80s brass
07 SP Darkpad Gorgeous, emotional low-pass filtered pad
08 SP Mystery Outstanding bell + analog pad, typical of FM instruments
09 SP Padfaze Weird but works
10 SP Twilite Creates an atmosphere.
11 SP Annapad Superb analog string pad
12 AP Ivory Nice grand piano - typical short samples of the early '90s sampling.
13 AP CP77 The TG77's take on Yamaha's own classic CP70 and 80 electro-acoustic grand pianos
14 AP Bright Very good rock piano
15 AP Hammer Nice roadhouse piano
16 AP Grand Honest piano
17 BR Plucky Fat syn brass
18 BR BigBand Realistic, especially when mixed in a song
19 BR 1980 Obligatory synth brass
20 BR Trmpets Realistic modulation wheel expression.
21 BR ModSyn Nice and full
22 BR Ensembl Ok
23 BR FrHorn Cool orchestral French horns
24 BR Soul Typical small brass section sound utilized in the '60s
25 BR FM Bite Expressive
26 EP IceRing Interesting layered pad, very '80s
27 EP Synbord Nice.
28 EP GS77 Another take on Yamaha classics, the GS series (GS1, GS2)
29 EP Knocker Hard pluck
30 EP Beltine Typical FM beauty
31 EP Dynomod More FM
32 EP Urbane Extremely '80s, a la "Miami Vice"
33 ME St.Mick Typical SY/TG series sounds
34 ME Blade Nice FX
35 ME Forest Beautiful, sparkling layered pad, very Roland D-50
36 ME Gargoyl Cool FM organish
37 ME Pikloop Good synthesis
38 ME Aquavox Supreme padness!
39 ME Alps Very nice and full
40 ME Cycles Cinematic.
41 WN Bluharp Incredibly realistic, also thanks to the overdrive/distortion (Shure Green Bullet close) effect
42 WN Tenor Typical early '90s sax
43 WN Clarino Nice clarinet
44 WN AltoSax Realistic alto
45 WN Moothie Yes
46 WN Saxion Very cool sax section
47 WN Flute Dark, orchestral
48 WN Ohboy Super oboe, this will be perfect with a breath-controller.
49 ST Ripper Super mega pad
50 ST Violins The bows
51 ST Section Lots of friction
52 ST SynStrg Classic synthe strings
53 ST Chamber Vivaldian
54 BA Frtless Beautiful, quintessential FM bass used for fretless
55 BA Starred Nice
56 BA HardOne Cutting
57 BA VC1 Analog VCO bass
58 BA VC2 Another one...
59 BA VC3 And another.
60 BA Rox '60s rock bass guitar
61 BA Woodbas Nice jazz contrabass
62 BA Round Clean bass
63 BA Erix Full
64 BA FMFrtls '80s FM bass

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PRESET 2 bank
Patch name with audio demo My comments
01 SC Neworld Cool resonant pad
02 SC Stratos Evolving niceness
03 SC Ripples Fluffy '80s pad
04 SC Digitak Classic comp
05 SC Hone Digital
06 SC Spaces very nice FM pad
07 SC Sybaby Delayed goodness!
08 SC Icedrop Alright
09 SC Wired Ok
10 SL Gnome Typical '70s progressive lead - appropriately named.
11 SL SawMono Fat analog lead
12 SL SqrMono Obese analog lead
13 SL Pro77 Overweight analog lead
14 SL Nester Gluey lead
15 SL Eazy Cool detuned analogish lead, very Emersonian.
16 SL Lips Very nice whistling patch.
17 KY Bosh Nice comp keyboard, great filtering action.
18 KY Wahclav Classic Clavinet through wah, not too realistic though.
19 KY Wires Beautiful FM atmospheres.
20 KY Tradclv Solid Hohner Clavinet
21 KY Thumper Ok
22 KY Modclav Another Clavinet - the mod wheel acts on the filter
23 PL Sitar Superb rendition of the classic Indian guitar.
24 PL Harp Beautiful harp patch
25 PL Saratog Ok
26 PL Steel Ok acoustic guitar
27 PL Twelve Ok 12-string guitar
28 PL Shonuff Typical rock guitar hero patch.
29 PL MutGtr Classic "The Edge" type of sound.
30 PL Guitar Honest acoustic
31 PL Shami Good shamisen
32 PL Koto Realistic koto
33 OR YC45D A good take on Yamaha's own classic '70s organ
34 OR Pipes Outstandingly beautiful, majestic church organ
35 OR Jazzman Typical percussion organ, not the best rendition.
36 OR Combo Classic '60s Vox organ
37 PC Marimba Beautiful, realistic marimba
38 PC OzHamer Part didgeridoo, part FM craziness
39 PC Tobago Great steel drums
40 PC Vibes Warm and jazzy ;-)
41 PC Glass FM bonus
42 PC Island Another cool tuned percussion set
43 PC GrtWall of China - very good
44 CH Itopia Classic vox sample in this series of synths.
45 CH GaChoir Gospel chorus
46 CH Chamber A nice choir
47 CH Spirit Ravishing, ethereal syn chorus
48 CH ChorMst Ambient choir-pad
49 SE Goto 1 Cool rising synth
50 SE Xpander Inspired from Oberheim's homonymous synth, perhaps?
51 SE Inferno More Roland D-50/Korg M1 inspired sounds
52 SE Them!!! Nice scary fx
53 OR Gassman Ok organ with Leslie
54 BR ZapBras Ok
55 BR BrasOrc Ok
56 PL Stairwy Ok
57 ST Widestg Large string ensemble
58 ST Symflow Warm strings
59 ST Quartet Small ensemble
60 ST Tutti Superb orchestral ensemble - all together
61 ME Voyager Another classic SY/TG patch
62 ME Galaxia Sci-fi goodness
63 DR Both drums...
64 DR Group2 drums 2...


Features at a glance
Year of release: 1990
Keyboard: n/a
Responds to velocity: yes
Responds to aftertouch: yes
Sound generation method:  
Sound expansion capabilities:  


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