SR-JV80-02 Orchestral
Expansion board

  The second expansion board for the JV/XP series was dedicated to the beautiful sounds of the modern classical orchestra.

Roland managed to squeeze the essence of a symphonic orchestra in this small board, and did so admirably.  Many of the sounds on this device still hold their own against dedicated multi-Gigabyte DVD libraries.

The SR-JV80-02 board opens with one of the most beautiful string patches I've ever come across, the stupendous "Warm Violins".  This patch opens a huge selection of string patches (without a doubt, the highlight of this board), characterized by a very warm, gluey if you will, sonic timbre.  There are many variations on the strings theme, all very charming and interesting: from legato, to staccato, agitato, vivace, spiccato e marcato, there's a long offering of instruments in both group and solo versions.

The expansion then focuses on the other instruments of the orchestra, and there are beautiful renditions of all the instruments of a typical romantic-era orchestral setup.  There are even a few patches where solo instruments that typically play together in a score, are combined together in a single patch.  Very useful.  There are also full-blast brass patches, classy bass clarinets... everything you will ever need to compose an orchestral score.  The board is completed by a pretty thorough rhythm patch, that collects together the percussive section of the orchestra.

This board will also see an Encore! with the follow-up Orchestral II expansion board.


Roland SR-JV80-02 Orchestral audio demos in mp3


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Patch name with audio demo My comments
001 Warm Violins Breathtakingly beautiful, melancholic, hypnotic, sweet, quintessential orchestral strings.
006 Marcato Vls1 Very cool, typical strings played marcato.
012 Sad Vln Sect Don't cry, now... :-)
021 Vcs Legato 1 Beautiful, classy cellos.  Reminds me a bit of certain sounds used by Philip Glass.
024 Agitato Vcs1 Very agitated :-)
028 Wide Basses Deep, excellent contrabass section
042 Strings Arco Another sweet strings variation.
046 Bad Guy STR Coming after you...
047 Ominous Shark!  Shark!
049 DramaStrings Very nice, '60s style cinematic string section, perfect for dramatic scenes
050 Solo Vln 1 Very expressive and realistic.
058 Stereo Viola Nice and realistic.
061 Solo Vc 2 Beautiful (violon)cello tone.
065 Solo Cb 1 A cool solo contrabass patch.
076 Pizzicato 2 Cool
083 Lower Marc!! Nice
086 Fast Attacks A bit of cartoon comedy :-)
087 Flute Splendid classical tone
091 Recorder Useful
092 Oboe 1 Realistic
098 English Hrn2 Woody and nice.
100 Bassoon 1 Nails it :-)
103 Clarinet 2 With nice reverb
104 Bs Clarinet1 Not often found in synthesizers' ROM, this is very realistic bass clarinet.
107 Trumpet 2 Typical classical trumpet
121 Tuba 1 Goes low
130 F.Hrn Sect3 Nice French horn section.
136 MuteHrn Sect Alarm!
150 WoodwindSplt One of the very useful combo/split patches
152 4 Trombones Brassy and good
164 Full Brs 1 Powerful!
174 Horn Strings Nice, typical mix of horns and strings
175 Full Orch.1 Majestic yet classy
176 Full Orch.2 Floats nicely
177 Full Orch.3 Beautiful tone, perfect for several styles
184 Min Hit 2 Yep
185 Classical Gt Beautiful classical guitar
188 Plucked Harp One of the superb harp offerings.
192 ClasclPiano1 Very nice tone, but due to older technology, the sample loops are way too short and so it decays too fast.
196 Harpsichord1 Realistic, with the typical click release.
201 Celesta 2 Intimate and classy
209 Xylophone 2 Always fun
212 Glocken 2 Cool
216 TubulaBells1 Nice tubular bells
224 MalletStack5 Another excellent stacked patch
227 Choir 1 Very nice choir, flexible for many uses.
249 Rhythm Set All the much needed percussion of the orchestra.
253 Presenting! :-)
255 Christmas!!! Jingle, bells!



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