SRX-07 Ultimate Keys (SR-JV80 Collection Vol.2)
Expansion board

Roland SRX-07 Ultimate Keys

  The SRX-07 "Ultimate Keys" SRX series expansion board, a joint effort between Roland and Spectrasonics, contains all the waveforms from Roland's SR-JV80-04 "Vintage Synth", SR-JV80-08 "Keyboards of the '60s & '60s", and SR-JV80-10 "Bass & Drums" expansion boards - plus, select waves from SR-JV80-09 "Session" and SR-JV80-03 "Piano".

This board includes 860 waveforms, and all sounds have been completely reprogrammed into 475 new Patches and 11 new Rhythm Sets (optimized for the XV Series' powerful synth architecture and effects).

The new programming is definitely "refreshing" the "old" sounds, with more up-to-date patches and an overall more polished and "refined" sonic flavor.

Most original SR-JV80 Patch and Rhythm Set data can be loaded into the unit.

The sounds offer an incredible range of sounds, from classic organs (Hammond, Vox, Farfisa etc.), electric pianos, and synthesizers, to Mellotron, Clavinet, fingered and slap bass, bright and soft pads, Solina, and much, much more.

Check out the audio examples below to have an idea of what this expansion board can do.


Roland SRX-07 Ultimate Keys audio demos


Stream all mp3 audio examples below


Patch name with audio demo My comments
001 Stereo Piano Solid grand piano patch
003 Easy Rocker Optimal for Rock 'n' Roll
007 Suitcase EP The mega-classic Rhodes Suitcase model
008 Real Thing Wonderful Wurlitzer electric piano
012 Stage73 SRX The classy, evergreen Rhodes Stage model
014 BalladPanner Gorgeous auto-panner effect on this Rhodes patch
020 70s Ballad Typical Rhodes "drowned" in effects - similar to Led Zeppelin's "No quarter"
027 60s Bros Nasal, characteristic 1960s electric piano
028 Pianohner Inspired by the Hohner Pianet
031 Rox 668 St The wonderful RockSiChord pianos
032 80's FM Aaaah... the 1980s... the DX7... and Whitney Houston.
037 Vox Harpsi Cool electric harpsichords of the '60s
040 Clav 1 SRX The standard Funk King - Hohner Clavinet
041 Clav 2 SRX Variation
055 Quacky Clav Filtered
057 Juno Clavi Analog version
061 HyperClv SRX Wild Clavinetization
063 Troika Ride Fantastic, dreamy Russian bells
066 2.2 SEQ SRX The classic PPG
067 Vibraphone! Yep...
069 Blue B SRX Warm Hammond B-3, blues settings
071 NiceFeel SRX A la Keith Emerson
072 GreenB -Pdl Mega-classic Hammond of the '60s a la Booker T. & the MGs
076 Gospel B SRX Realistic organ, great for fast Gospel
079 Real Organ Modulation introduces fast Leslie
086 CabnetSeries The mod wheel changes the Leslie speed and adds lots of vintage "grit"
087 Absolute B3 Sounds real in slow Leslie mode
090 BalladB -Mod Classic settings great for slow jazz ballads
094 SaltyDog SRX Happy organ
096 Mellow 4'SRX This reminds me of an old Italian TV commercial of the 1970s
101 888 +3rd SRX Nice organ in a nice room
109 PercNorm3rd Nice percussion settings
111 858808880SRX The name reflects the drawbar settings
116 B3Sermon SRX Typical Jimmy Smith type sound
117 AllSkate!SRX Nostalgic sound
120 Purple SRX Hard-Rock organ sound
122 Smoked Water Perfect for the famous Deep Purple song
125 Tron B A mix between organ and Mellotron
128 SurfMnkysSRX 1960s transistor organ
130 Continental The super-classic Vox Continental
132 PalisadesSRX Summer fair
136 IronFarf SRX In the garden of Eden
139 Farf 8' + 2' Very nice Farfisa organ, with cool vibrato
149 Spanish Gtr Yep
153 Conquest Very different, beautiful patch
154 Heaven Nylon Gorgeous guitar with pad
155 In Peace Stupendous, calming New Age patch
156 NashvilleSRX Realistic country electric guitar patch
158 Ricken12stGT Hearty Rickenbacker 12-string
161 Touchy Mutes R o c k   o n
164 Telemaster Perfect Fender Telecaster sound
167 MM Bass - Marcus Miller's bass
169 HyperFunkSRX Very funky slap bass
172 Abe 4way SRX Abe Laboriel's very expressive bass
176 JPBritSlpSRX John Patitucci slaps his bass
178 6strngBASS + Wide necks
179 Big Bad AL Abraham Laboriel
183 JP P.Bs 2SRX John Patitucci's Fender Precision
189 MM JB SRX Marcus Miller's Fender Jazz
195 DarkPick SRX Plasticky but cool
197 FretlessBASS Yep
198 SoloFls SRX Jaco with reverb & delay
200 MM OctFlsSRX Marcus Miller with an octaver
204 Contrabbasso Realistic
209 JPHardAB SRX John Patitucci plays his acoustic bass
212 Dist Bs SRX Yeah!
214 FunkinWahSRX Envelope-following
221 WildSynth101 Classic Roland SH-101 coolness
224 SH101 Bass More
225 SH-2 Bs SRX Older Roland monosynths
228 JP-4 Bs SRX The Jupiter-4's bass
229 Systm700 SRX More of Roland's older analogs
231 TickerBs SRX Analog bass
236 WooferBs SRX Quintessential House bass
239 TB303 Reso The magic silver acid box, TB-303
241 Acid TB Bs Variation
242 MonsterMGSRX M O O G
247 MG Punchbass Jumpy Minimoog
250 2-way Bass Wide & expressive synth bass
254 OB Bass SRX Oberheim bass
255 8VCO Mono Fantastic analog bass of the 1970s
259 Valve5thBass House'y
264 SlobbryBsSRX Big synth bass
266 STronSTringz Beautiful Mellotron-style strings
267 TrnStrDrySRX The Mellotron strings
270 JP8 Str1 SRX Perfect Roland Jupiter-8 pad
271 JP8 Str2 SRX variation
273 M12 Strings Powerful Oberheim Matrix-12
275 MemoryMG SRX Cool MemoryMoog
276 Solina SRX Standard Solina
280 TouchFlt SRX Breathy at the touch
281 StrawberTRON The most famous Mellotron patch
284 TpSoloistSRX Expressive trumpet
287 SessnBrs SRX Realistic and powerful
289 SuperTnr SRX Very nice tenor saxophone
296 2voiceLd SRX Famous Oberheim 2-Voice synth of the '70s, as used by Lyle Mays
299 Shmoog SRX Cool mono
301 SH2000VoxSRX The SH-2000 was one of Roland's early synths
306 VoxSaws Lead Emerson-style lead
307 GR500 Ld SRX Roland's guitar-synth
310 PromarsLdSRX Another of Roland's early synths
314 Dreams Saw Sounds 1980s...
319 VCO OctLdSRX Another excellent Emersonian patch
322 P5 Lead The classic Prophet-5
326 Speedometer Fast-moving, cutting synth with portamento
335 Razzert At the Rave...
336 Raveferenz T E C H N O  style... of the '90s.
339 MousBoxesCat House
342 DncStack1SRX Beautiful Euro
346 DncStack5SRX Classic mid-1990s Eurodance
352 B-lieve Does remind of Cher's hit song...
353 Blue Light Gorgeous sequenced synth that reminds me of the Korg MS2000
357 Undertones Water flowing from an alien fountain
365 Experimental Robot's nightmare
366 Megatron H u g e  portamento synth
369 Ethereal SRX Ravishing soft pad with digital overtones
374 SpitBrs SRX Brassy
377 Pro-5 BrsSRX Prophet-5 style 180s synth brass
381 D50Belpd1SRX Roland D-50-inspired
387 VintagLayers Intriguing mix between 1980s D-50 pluck synth and '70s vocoder choirs
389 StaccHvn SRX Emulation of my favorite patch on one of my favorite synths
395 Spit Synthie Modern
400 T8 Sync SRX Inspired by the all-powerful Sequential Circuits Prophet
402 DreaminOfJMJ Jean Michel Jarre sounds
409 Poly 3osc SH Gorgeous brassy analog synth
410 PortaSyn SRX Lots of portamento
416 DigiChoirSRX Cold vox
418 Combing SRX Warm and moving pad
420 OBThickPdSRX Stupendous Oberheim pad
421 OBSftPad SRX Gorgeous soft pad, again Oberheim-inspired
425 SynthOdyssey Fast... and slow.
431 Slow 3D Vox Cool
434 Aulophony Magnificent Ambient patch, perfect for many genres of music
437 Sawed String Cool string pad
441 Mysterioso Scoring for T.V.
442 S-HTexturSRX Sample-&-Hold coolness
444 Mellorkestra Mellotron modernized
447 Gamma Girls Beautiful Mellotron vox
452 DrumLP DemoS The real bass and drum
455 SeventHeavn Bouncy
456 TrollDrummin Oh yeah...
457 Chem Burn120 Inspired by classic 1990s Big Beat duo, the Chemical Brothers
462 Cool At 102 Got to loooove those Fantom filters
464 Hurt 90 Aggressive!

Rhythm Kits

Rhythm Kit name with audio demo My comments
001 Ring Kit Killer drum set, driving & powerful
002 Slam Kit Close mics?
005 RockOn Kit Banging Rock
009 Hi Tune Kit Small heads and high tuning
010 AnalogRhyKit Classic analog drum machines of the '60s & '70s


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